Conversational Hypnosis: How To Use Conversational Hypnosis Techniques To Get A Raise

It’s amazing how easy it is for some people to grasp the concepts of conversational hypnosis techniques so quickly. And I’m not just talking about adults. Children are also beginning to understand how to make these strategies work for them!

Some figure out how to use conversational hypnosis techniques on their own while others get help from grown-ups. In this case, it’s a situation that had a little outside help.

Kids often bug their parents for an allowance increase. Sam, my young cousin, isn’t any different. Unfortunately, his parents aren’t really convinced that there is a need for an allowance increase. Sam is still a little bit too young to have a proper job. Taking the neighbor’s dog out for a walk doesn’t really give him a lot to work with.

I’m pretty close to Sam and so couldn’t help but give him a little help. I told Sam about the power of authority – a conversational hypnosis technique stating that those who are perceived to have authority have power over others. Of course, I explained this to him in terms a young boy could understand. Sam is pretty crafty for his age though and instantly cooked up a plan to get himself a decent raise.

One afternoon, he invited Ian, a friend from school, over. Ian is the class president and always has top marks in school. Sam’s mother knows Ian very well because he’s the son of one of her friends. Ian always does wonderfully in school and the kind of boy every mother hopes their son actually becomes.

Naturally, Ian gets invited to stay for dinner; and pretty soon, the topic of an allowance raise comes up again. Usually, Sam’s dad would stay neutral while his mother would tell Sam the reasons why he doesn’t need an allowance raise.

This particular conversation, however, takes a different turn when Ian showed support for Sam’s request for a raise. Ian explained how an allowance increase could help in improving Sam’s grade by being able to buy additional study materials and attend tutorials.

It was a pretty casual conversation and Sam’s mother never suspected a thing. She didn’t say yes to the raise yet, but said she’d think about it. Sam is pretty ecstatic of course; and a week later, he treated me out for celebratory burgers. I’m guessing his conversational hypnosis technique worked really well.

Sam has just successfully harnessed one of the most effective conversational hypnosis techniques out there. And something tells me this won’t be the last time he’ll use this strategy either.