Conversation Starters For Shy People: 3 Shy-Proof Ways To Start A Conversation

Are you so shy that you can’t even start a decent conversation with someone you like? Well, don’t worry. There are conversation starters for shy people that can really get people talking and help you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

After you read this article, I’m confident you’ll be able to teach other timid people a lesson or two on the art of conversation! You’ll be able to waltz into any event, bar, restaurant or situation for that given matter and get people talking. To discover some conversation starters for shy people, read on!

1) Things You Have In Common

What is the one thing that you and that other person sitting beside you have in common? Do you have common friends, or a shared interest in movies?

If you know what you two have in common, starting a conversation will be easy as pie. Are you all here for a charity event? Talk about the cause and the benefits the event will bring. If you have just met, talk about the place where you both are. Is the food good? Is the music great? These are all wonderful conversation starters for shy people.

2) Asking Other People About Themselves

Generally, a person likes to talk about himself or herself. So by asking questions like “Where did you go to school” or “What kind of movie do you like?” you are capturing their interest; and at the same time, you’re keeping yourself away from the center of attention.

Just make sure you listen to every word they say, because appearing distracted may offend the other party.

3) Newsmakers and Breakers

One of the great conversation starters for shy people is current news. What’s the current trend? What’s happening in the business world? Any new scientific discoveries? Talk about news that affect both of you and start from there.

One thing you should avoid raising in a conversation is anything that has to do with religion, politics, legal system, etc. These topics are usually very sensitive and you don’t really want to take a dip in that pool on your first meeting. Besides, talking about topics like these make arguments more likely to happen than not. You may feel strongly about a certain religion, and the other person may also have a strong yet opposite point of view regarding the issue. In these cases, it’s probably best to just stick with light topics that won’t get you into trouble.

Since we’re talking about news here, you’ll be less focused on how shy you are and more into the actual conversation. You might not even realize how many hours you have been talking about a particular issue.

These are just some of the possible conversation starters for shy people. Once you’ve tried some of them on actual experiences, you’ll feel more confident at exploring other topics of interest.