Conversation Starter Questions

Want to know how to start a conversation? Here are some good conversation starter questions to get you going.

Naturally, the situation you are in will determine what types of conversation starter questions you use. You would use different conversation starter questions when at a party than you would while on a date or when starting a new job. However, here are some good, general conversation starter questions for you to use.

If you’re at a party, food is always an excellent way to start a conversation. “Have you tried the dip?” “How are the nachos?” “That salad looks delicious! What’s in it?”Once you open the topic of food, it can lead to all sorts of interesting discussions: healthy eating, recipes, cooking and so forth.

Questions about the town you live in can be an excellent way to start a conversation. “How long have you lived here?” “Did you grow up here?” “What do you like most about the area?” “Have you been to (name of park or other local attraction)?” “Does the rest of your family lived nearby?” These are all great conversation starter questions and they can lead to quite involved and interesting conversations.

If you are good at remembering names, this can lead to interesting conversations: memory techniques, the origin of certain names, family history etc.

Look around you for cues for conversation starter questions as well. The environment you’re in is often a great conversational topic.

Look at all the bicyclists out today! Do you enjoy riding yourself?

That’s a lovely painting! Doesn’t that remind you of our own local beach?

If there is a television nearby, the program that’s currently running can lead to conversation. You could talk about favorite television shows and celebrities. If a news show is on, this could lead to discussions about politics, but be careful! No even mildly controversial topics until you really know a person!