Controlling Your Credit

What’s the main purpose of your credit card? Is it convenience of making payments or the ability to buy things that you wouldn’t be able to get with the cash in your purse? Whatever the reason for carrying your MasterCard or Visa with you, it inevitably leads you to debt in the long run which you are to cope with.

The risk of accumulating debt becomes twice as great on holidays and it is natural. Each of us is sure to have been trapped by the holiday atmosphere and spent more than was initially planned. When the celebrity time comes and we get overexcited, we like to feel we can have just everything and our credit cards work for us in our holiday spending plans.

Why do we overspend? As a matter of fact, the presence of credit card in our wallet alone, incite us to pull it out each time we see a desired thing. And now, imagine that you even get rewarded for your payment with credit card! Isn’t it a perfect motivation to use it more and more frequently, buying things that actually you do not need at all?

And now it’s holiday time and opportunities are two times more. You see a great number of lovely gifts and more serious presents that you want to give to your relatives and friends. And why not if you get additional frequent flier points or cash back foe every dollar spent?

However, such an approach takes you into a spending spiral and when the holiday is over, it pains you much to look at your credit card statement. Everything has to be paid for, especially when it concerns credit card obligations and once a credit card bill is in your hands, you very often begin to consider a credit card debt repayment plan.

We all seem to already know the basic steps of getting your debt under control and improving your overall credit rating. The classical ones are to cut up your credit cards and to start paying the bills on time and more than the minimum. You also apply for a bad credit card and set out a spending plan to track your money flow and you usually commit it with a pen and paper.

Pen and paper! And we live in the 21st century…

Today you are offered a new way of managing your finances and you needn’t be afraid that you will badly overspend next time. Does it sound like an advertisement? Maybe it does but the TTFC software really helps you track your credit card spending, thus preventing you from unnecessary purchases that you bitterly regret later.

This financial-management program is loadable or already installed in your computer and it performs the following actions:

– It helps you to create budget and debt-reduction plans;
– It helps to visually track your money flow and the progress of debt repayment by means of graphs and bar charts;
– It assists you in creating spending categories and to insert your transactions into the right one so as to know what you spend you money on most;
– It downloads all of your credit card transactions from your credit card company and so you are always informed.

Do you know the greatest advantage of the software? It is the ability to see the whole financial picture and so know what you are to work at.

Remember, if you have some credit card problems, they should be eliminated as soon as possible so as to preserve your good credit score and be eligible for another credit card later on. For this purpose, the TTFC software is the best assistant.