Control of Soul and Self

We must have control over the district of mind’s thoughts but also have control over one’s actions and corporeal activities. We must stand on firm grounds in all areas of our life. It is recurrently supported that common people are often incapable of resisting temptations, since they see alluring views as appetizing candy or a candy-coated delicacy served with ice cream on the dining table. Temptations are often difficult to contend with but they must be opposed. One must make oneself burly enough to defy such alluring experiences, which traps us in an imaginative state of mind.

Correspondingly while speaking one must give forethought to what he is speaking and to whom. Godliness is one thing, which marks the archive of codes and conduct one must not ever discount. We must learn natural processes of self-development to reform our behavioral conducts. The development or conduct is coached to each child right from adolescence to make him a well behaved whilst preparing him for the future.

Soul and self-improvement is the process of gaining control of self in order to enhance consciousness. Resentment is one thing, which takes control of the mind and humans ability to act in accord to the common laws of nature. There has long been an abundant of debate about how to control anger. Yet such debates have failed to harvest healthy conclusions in oppose to eruption or anger and rage, which are collected common human dispositions. This is because the levy of ample self-governing is often difficult to achieve.

The abstruse human self plays a germane part in bureaucratic or commanding those fits of anger, which can reduce you to the standards of an invertebrate or beast. Self-control essentially concerns development of self. An entity must be attentive of his thoughts and behaviors. If it is cognizant exclusive then it will form an opinion and allocate wrong and misdoings.

When we have control of the soul and self, we learn the steps to purifying the heart condition, reforming the heart so that it leads us to self-discovery.

Because as humans we all have organic needs, we must learn to justify these needs by recognizing the essentials. Most of us recognize a need for nutrition, exercise, love, etc, but too many fail to see the need to worship. Innately, we all must put our faith in some higher source rather than depend on self and man alone. Faith is our guaranteed hope for obvious exhibition of reality although not beheld.

What this means is that we may not have visuals of things that passed, but we do have ideas of the former things and the things to come by remaining focused on what occurs in our life. In short, the things we learned in the past, experienced, etc play a part in finding the soul and self. We learn from our mistakes, so logically we can look back to self-examine self and reform our thinking to avoid making the same mistakes over again.

We don’t have to see something for it to be real. The vast majority of people in the world think that in order for it to be real, one must see.

This is far removed from reality and truth. If this was the case, then the Devil or God would not be real, which many people believe? This is a fatal mistake and in time, these people will face harsh realities.

We must learn to retrain our mind and actions. Over the years we had developed handicaps, such as expressing anger, etc, which is often learned behaviors. Therefore, we must reform our mind and body so that we come closer to soul and self.