Control Obesity with Natural Food

Keeping a natural food style can help normal persons control obesity.

The main reason for obesity can be attributed to eating too much of processed food, sweetened food, frozen food, and preserved food. Genetic and endocrinal disorders too cause obesity, but such cases are extremely rare compared to normal obesity.

Obesity begins at childhood. We love our children so much that we let them eat whatever they find at a bakery or a eatery. There is no control in ice creams, chocolates, fried items, over cooked items, artificially colored items and food items that have preservatives added to them.

There is no control in food combination at a fast food center. Basic rules of healthy food combination go straight out of the window or burnt below the dishes.

Think about the amount of unhealthy fat, toxic combinations and chemicals that reach the body of a child before he or she turns 12 years. There you can find the root cause of obesity.

For a change, love your children less.

Don’t be too loving a parent to go for your pocket every time your kid saw something yummy at a bakery.

Make your kid suffice with few slices of mango, papaya, banana, whole wheat bread, oatmeal, milk, egg, tuna or moderately cooked lean meat. Don’t listen to his or her cries even if your ears become deafened.

Make your child drink at six to 10 glasses of fresh water instead of carbonated soft drinks or cola.

Make your child take food mildly warm instead of too hot or too cold. See it as a way of respecting the capacity of the digestive system of your kid.

Prevent your child chewing snacks. Replace those potato chips with an orange.

Ensure your child takes his food before seven in the evening.

Ensure the foods are not conflicting nature. Milk and meat are conflicting and can’t be taken together. Several other food combination rules are there in Ayurveda scripts. The easiest way to avoid them altogether will be to avoid catching that fast food restaurant.

The best way to make your child obey your rules will be to lead them by example. Can you ask your child not to snack when you are eating to your hearts content from that junk bag?