Continuing To Better Your Personal Best In Golf

Golf is a game of never ending goals and challenges. When you start playing the first goal is to simply hit the ball, then to hit it in the correct direction and then to hit it in the air or a greater distance. As you progress in the game, your goals change accordingly and there are many milestones to be marked upon the way.

To break one hundred is a very significant point in the game of golf, as is the ability to retain the same ball for an entire round. For many a golfer one goal is to stay out of the sand, or if you do visit the bunker, to have the ability to get out of it in one shot. The next goal from there is to be able to make an up and down from the bunker.

Another goal is to eliminate the three putts or to progress to sinking the majority of putts that are under ten feet from the pin. One goal that remains elusive to may is to simply stay on the fairway. An alternate goal is to be able to hit your approach shots in such a way that the ball ends up pin high more times than otherwise.

The progression of goals and challenges moves and changes over time as you strive to break ninety, eighty-five and eighty. Some golfers focus upon more competitive challenges, aiming to win more bets than they lose, or to win their club championship tournament.

Inevitably as you become better at the game of golf the challenges you face become more difficult to accomplish. Not only that, as you accomplish one goal, you may also find that you have lost it again the following week.

Golf is a game where you can quite easily shoot that elusive 79 and then find your scores leaping back into the nineties just a few days later. Then your goal becomes more focused upon consistency, aiming to be that much better more frequently and to eliminate those really high scores once and for all.

One thing that every golfer learns to appreciate is to not take anything for granted. Your swing can be “on” one day, and “off” the next. In this sense golf might be seen to be a fickle game. In reality however, if you dig deep to discover what caused the difference it is usually something to do with your mental and emotional equilibrium and focus. Despite this fact, the majority of golfers search erroneously for a mechanical fix.

One of the biggest challenges to overcome is that of learning to control your mind and your emotions, to be able to perform your best with what “pops out” upon the day, and to enjoy this great game no matter what is written upon your scorecard.

No matter what challenges you set yourself in playing this game, don’t forget the important fact that it is a game and it is meant to be fun. When you focus upon having fun, relaxing and enjoying a good walk in beautiful surroundings in the company of good friends, you will usually find that a byproduct of your good attitude is a calm and relaxed swing. This leads to greater enjoyment and, seemingly by accident, a good score as well.

Roseanna Leaton, golf addict and specialist in golf hypnosis mp3s and author of the GolferWithin golf mind training system.

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