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Construction Rentals | Common Heavy Equipment Renting Issues

Renting Your Heavy Machinery

Getting heavy equipment for your construction project is an important investment. Having the right tools and machinery for the job readily available is a great idea for you to finish the project as soon as possible. A way for companies to get the right heavy machinery is by renting them. yellow and black heavy equipment

Reasons for Renting Equipment Instead of Buying
Many construction companies opt to rent heavy machinery instead of buying them. Some choose to rent because it saves them from a lot of initial purchase and maintenance costs. Others choose to rent because of logistics. For some, construction rentals are better because they don’t have enough space and resources to store the machines properly.

Common Problems With Heavy Equipment Rental
Like other major investments, there are certain risks and problems that companies have to face when it comes to construction rentals. Here are some of the problems and mistakes encountered by companies when they have to rent machinery.

  • Renting the wrong equipment type – Renting the wrong type of equipment can be a costly mistake that can delay the project. The wrong machine will be inefficient in tackling the required task, and the project won’t move forward unless the machine is replaced. The best way to mitigate this problem is by familiarizing yourself with the task at hand and assessing what you need before you contact the rental company.

If it’s possible, consider getting a machine that can take on multiple roles at once. Having a heavy machine that can do multiple tasks makes the job easier and lessens the possibility of renting the wrong type for the project.

  • Renting the wrong equipment size – Machine size can also be an issue. If you’re working in an area with limited space to move, a bigger machine will delay the project further. Besides that, an underpowered machine won’t have enough capacity for the task. 

Before renting, know the physical parameters of your site and evaluate the conditions at hand. You need to partner up with reputable construction rentals. They’ll easily let you know what machine is perfect for you and your project.

  • Choosing a rental company far from the site – Bringing heavy machinery like skid-steer loaders to the project site requires additional transportation costs. The farther away the rental provider is from your project, the more money you will spend trying to move it there. Choosing a dealer nearby avoids extra transportation costs.
  • Not having enough workers – Besides having enough heavy equipment, you should also consider the number of workers who can operate the machine properly. A backhoe and skid steer can only be useful if there are enough operators for the job. Training your employees gives them the knowledge on how to operate the equipment.
  • Not taking care of the equipment – One of the benefits of renting equipment is that if the machine breaks down, you aren’t responsible for any repairs and maintenance costs if the issues were caused by normal use. It’s the rental company that will handle the expenses. 

However, that doesn’t excuse the renter from taking good care of the equipment. If you don’t take care of the rented equipment, the rental company may make you responsible for all the repairs needed. An easy solution for this dilemma is by keeping the machine in tip-top shape. Conduct a quick maintenance check from time to time. Report any malfunctions to the rental company immediately. 

  • Poor timing – Sometimes, seasonal changes and weather issues can play a role in heavy equipment rental. The construction industry peaks during the spring and summer. During this time, there’s an excessive demand for heavy equipment. If you don’t plan early, you won’t be able to rent equipment when it runs out during the shortage. Consult the equipment dealer to make sure that your reservation is still there.

Consider Renting Construction Equipment Today

No matter how big or small a project is, renting equipment makes it easier for you to finish the job without spending a ton on buying new gear. Renting is a great way for you to increase your fleet without the hassle of looking for new hardware to buy and comparing their costs. Knowing the problems you’ll face when renting can prepare you should it ever happen.