Constructing a Bluebird Birdhouse

Things to Think of When Constructing a Bluebird Birdhouse

There is nothing more satisfyingly comfortable than getting the chance to do bird watching right there in your own backyards. The bluebirds are said to be rare but you could definitely invite them by constructing a bluebird birdhouse for them. Bluebird birdhouses are created specifically for these species because they are known to be really choosy. They do not mingle with the ordinary birds and they are not used to staying in one place because these man-made birdhouses are easily coveted by the other domineering kinds of birds. It is a common scenario that bluebirds are typically spotted in the farmlands and pastures. When you are considering the option of constructing a bluebird birdhouse, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the patterns of their migrating and nesting.

The Types of Bluebirds

The species of bluebird that thrives in North America are of three distinct kinds. There are the eastern bluebirds that are typically seen in the eastern part of the continent of the United States going to Mexico. The western bluebirds are predominantly living in southwest Canada going to Mexico. On the other hand, the mountain bluebirds live in the prairies of the western part of the Northern United States going towards Mexico and Alaska.

Detecting the Bluebirds

How do you detect that they are bluebirds? Practically speaking, the bluebirds possess the gorgeous shade of blue. They could be seen perching and sitting on the low areas as they await their preys of insects and bugs. They also catch the unsuspecting caterpillars. They eat berries and fruits. If you want to set up a bluebird birdhouse in your backyard, make sure that you use the proper baits for them.

In most cases, the bluebirds thrive in the areas where there are many cavities. They make use of the holes in the trees to keep themselves. However, because of the severe damages done to many of today’s forests, the bluebirds have been left homeless. This is one good reason for you to build the bluebird birdhouses. Many of the bluebirds have consequently learned to adapt to these man-made bluebird birdhouses and it could be assessed that they have already found the place homey compared to the holes created by the woodpeckers.

There are also bluebird trails that could be found along the golf courses and wildlife. From the tremendous decline of the population of the bluebirds, today, it is happily noted by the bluebird enthusiasts that they are one again in full bloom.

The Bluebird Birdhouse Designs

There are two existing bluebird birdhouse designs. The conservative square is the traditional design. Meanwhile, the Peterson house is the one with a slope, a floor, and a steep roof.

Some Main Concerns

Knowing their breeding pattern could help a lot when you intend to construct the bluebird birdhouses. These species nest earlier most particularly in the months of February. In the springtime and wintertime, the bluebird birdhouses could be utterly useful since they could comfortably be the bluebirds’ abodes. With the bluebird birdhouse, they will be shielded from the cold and heat.

For you to positively attract the bluebirds in dwelling into your constructed bluebird birdhouse, be sure that you employ the right dimension. You could turn into the available bluebird birdhouse plans from the Internet. It is also essential that the bluebird birdhouses are separated from each other for at least a hundred feet. Be particular with monitoring the bluebird birdhouses and always check if no foreign birds have conquered their dwelling places.