Considered A Canadian Business Advisor For Specialized Access To Financing Funds And Lenders In Canada?

Yes, of course it’s ultimately up to you but have you considered a Canadian business financing advisor for your specialized access to funds, financing and traditional and alternative lenders in Canada?

As we said it’s you the Canadian business owner or financial manager that has to both recognize the need for and make the call when it comes to your company financial needs. Whether your firm is in some type of financial distress, or if you have the double edged sword challenge of growing sales (how do you finance them).

The fundamental concept of business finance ( and unfortunately many don’t know or recognize this ) is that as you grow your sales you must invest more in business assets such as inventory, receivables, and even equipment under your fixed assets category on your balance sheet.

In a perfect world (guess what, it’s not) you want to be able to be in a position to generate and have access to financing almost ‘ spontaneously ‘, as you grow. And we forgot to mention that that higher investment in A/R, inventory, etc also leads to higher obligations when it comes to payables from suppliers, wages, and government super priority payments such as HST, employee source deductions, etc.

Yes, actual profits (when collected, by the way!) provide additional financing for your firm, but ultimately you will need access to lenders and financing sources to compliment your business finance needs.

When you consider assistance outside of your firm, such as a business advisor it might even be at a time when serious challenges have set in. Those challenges may be diverse, such as suppliers freezing credit, or your institutional lender such as a Canadian chartered bank being in a position to tighten, suspend or freeze your credit access.

Canadian business financing advisor can assist you in getting back the confidence of suppliers and lenders at a time when you need it most. That comes by providing solutions, both traditional and alternative, to the current problem.

We all know the expression ‘ you can’t see the forest from the trees ‘ and most business owners / managers would admit they are sometimes to close to the problem, or, alternatively don’t have the expertise and access to outside financing sources. In essence you have just received access to corrective financing actions, at a time when you need it most!

So how in fact does a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor ‘ fix ‘ things? One way is to focus on the balance sheet and increase cash flow monetization when it comes to sales to inventory and sales to A/R ratios. This can be accomplished through working capital facilities that are non bank in nature, asset based lines of credit, monetizing your tax credit, securitizing receivables, and in some cases bringing a new chartered bank on board that is comfortable with your management and long term success.

So, need that specialized access to traditional and alternative funding sources. Who you gonna call ?!