Connecting To Your Breath : Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine as Meditation

Sticking needles in your system or taking an extra set of herbs every day is not what the holistic approach to medicine is all about. By working towards healing, gaining energy or just feeling better about your every day life and finding an answer to your existence will lead to a well rounded well being. Approaching Chinese medication is a great way to begin living your life differently.

Connection to the mind and spirit is just as important a concept within Chinese medicine as the diagnosis and assessments of your physical body. Meditation will often be used as a basis for many of the practices and this is especially seen in branches such as Qigong and Yoga, where meditation combines with physical movement in order to open the energy centers of the body.

Achieving balance in your physical life can be achieved by opening the body centers through meditation. The idea of breath in any Chinese medicine is important, as it clears several of your centers and although this is often considered a mental and spiritual practice, it will affect you physically. This is a valuable element of Chinese medicine and is never ignored.

It is proven that during the meditation methods your breath will begin to clear your body centers and help to improve other areas of your body. Scientific research has begun to study meditation and how its applications can directly affect your well being. When you breathe deeply, the extra oxygen will cleanse your system and will move into areas of your body that need the extra oxygen. It will also begin to affect your nervous system by stimulating chemicals in your body. Over time, the meditation practices can detoxify your entire system, helping you to be more energized in your daily life.

You will want to consider meditation if you are looking into the practices of Chinese medicine as this approach can’t be separated from Chinese medicine or holistic health. You will be able to enjoy a well-rounded approach towards the ancient medical practice by approaching the mental and spiritual aspects of the medicine, as well as the physical.