Connecting To The Other Side

I was sitting in my living room one day when a commercial came on for the Sci-Fi channel that said some guy was going to talk with the dead. This naturally grabbed my attention and the more I listened to how this person was going to connect with friends and loved ones who have crossed over a light switch flipped on for me. I had the “Ah-Ha” moment.

I immediately wondered how John Edward did what he did. I started watching every show there was to watch and became obsessed with trying to communicate to the other side. I just knew that it was something that I had to try and do. I watched every show over and over again to see how John received the information. I grabbed every book that I could to see how others used their abilities. Some I resonated with and some I did not. Then I went to the internet to talk with other Psychics about how they received their information. Most were helpful but there were some psychics who I felt were limiting themselves. They had told me not to worry about getting certain types of information. “Don’t worry about names” they said. But I knew that it was possible. John did it all the time. That became my mantra after a while. “Well John does it, why can’t I”?

After time and dedication and quitting my “real” job as a morning television host, I became a professional psychic medium. I have built up what I consider to be a successful practice doing readings, teaching classes and yes, doing Galleries. I also refer to them as “Psychic Tupperware Parties”. Much of what I do comes from watching John on Television and I hope that I will meet him one day to let him know how much he has changed my life.

The first hurdle that you will have to get over is the recognition and the openness to know that the information you receive could be coming from a higher source. Once you have acknowledged this inside of your self you have come eighty percent of the way. The rest is passion, desire and commitment. This is a field where you get out of it exactly what you put into it. Technically, the same is true of life itself. It’s like learning to sing or play soccer. How much effort and practice you put in is up to you. Do you want to sing at the Grand ‘Ol Opry or are you content with singing to your hearts content in the shower?

Many people do not want to work professionally such as I do or like John Edward. That’s okay…just because you get into this doesn’t mean that you are committed to doing readings and galleries. Some people just want to know that they are not going crazy. They want their lives to go a bit smoother by listening to that inner voice.

So what is your first step? Find out what your strength is. Do you have a very good imagination? Do you see things a little differently than other people? Do you always seem to get that gut feeling when something is not right? Break out in a sweat? What about when you come home, turn on the light and the light flickers?….sometimes it’s a sign….other times it just means that you have to go to Wal-Mart and get new bulb! My point is, don’t get too deep with this. It is very easy to go overboard and see too much into something and that can be just as clogging to the process as anything else.

So, back to your senses. Once you have figured out your strength, that is a good place to start. In future articles I will have some tips on how to find your strengths and enhance your psychic ability for whatever purpose you wish.