Connecting soul with the real self

The self of a person is responsible for the actions and is solely responsible for it. The self can be referred to as reflective of self and the conscious character. There are various ways that help to study the conscious self. These ways are discussed in a wide sense in the mind’s study, which is known as metaphysics. In a philosophic way, the reaction of an individual to varied situations account for the self. It is often seen that the evolution of the self is more rapid in comparison to the circumstances. According to Freud, the working of the mind can be categorized into three parts that include conscious, sub conscious and unconscious. The subconscious mind will move forward more rapidly in comparison to the conscious mind. Due to this before a person realizes that a new phase is inculcated in his life, the sub conscious mind moves further.

The soul of a person acknowledges very well that shifting habitats serve as a fundamental part of the process of growth and inside everyone, there lays a part that is raring to go forward to another state and level of existence. However, the bondage that has tied a person till now will make your decision to move into different phase of life far challenging than it is required to be. In case a person has some difficulties in moving further in life, then in order to accustom to the new changes one should take the roles as temporary as few people in life come for a short while only. When a person is ready to match the self with the soul then he will experience a fresh sense of concord and will definitely feel linked to the rise and fall of the collective energy.

Each and every individual has both positive and negative aspect inculcated in him. But to determine them is the responsibility of the soul. By doing so, a person will be in a position to maximize the negative energy and minimize the unconstructive energy in order to ensure success and prosperity in life. This will help in the process of self-development once the self of a person is purged from all the shortcomings. The various processes that speed up the process of self-development are meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, naturopathy, ayurveda, chiropractic, tree essences, and color healing long walks among the several other ways.

Meditation and yoga greatly aid in hindering the wear and tear of the soul and the self. It helps a person to raise himself from the worldly measures and serves to attain harmony and peacefulness of mind. It also enhances the power of concentration. It releases positive and constructive vibes in the body of an organism, which makes the therapeutic process mechanical. This way does not involve the use of invasive drugs and surgeries and therefore do not have any side effects.

By treading the natural path, the entire body is rejuvenated as against the allopathic treatment that concentrates on a particular ailment. It aims at self, mind and soul of a person and aids in restoring the mental and the physical balance of the body. It will also persuade a person to live an improved life and will thereby make certain good health in each and every area. Aromatherapy massages, oils, incenses will give a person a rejuvenating and refreshing experience. These ways will induce constructive thoughts that will rap up the process of the development of the self. The more intimate the contact between the self and soul becomes, more inner pleasure a person experiences. The inner bliss is actually a barometer that determines the link between the self and the soul.