Congestion and Clutter or Prosperity ?

Have you ever felt like you were getting a cold? Your head felt heavy as well as your eyelids. Your throat was scratchy and your limbs were heavy. You felt like you were walking through peanut butter. Familiar? Sure.

One thing I have learned is that when I feel that way, the first thing I had better do is look for the places in my home, office or life where there is congestion. And, clean them up!

Does that sound strange to you? Try it.

Sure, sometimes a cold is a healing crisis. Sometimes, congestion is caused by a virus or bacteria or simply too much sugar. And, often, it is remedied by removing congestion from your life!

Where are you ‘congested’? Prosperity comes through circulation. What are you hoarding? You might think that ‘hoarding’ is a harsh word for hanging on to things you don’t use, don’t like or don’t find beautiful. But that’s what you’re doing. And, guess what? When you are hoarding, prosperity eludes you.

Think of it this way: I give you a ten dollar bill and I ask you to hang on to it tightly with both hands. You do that to the point of exhaustion but yet you persist. Now, I come along with a hundred dollar bill and I want to hand it to you. But, you are so busy squeezing the ten dollar bill that you cannot take the hundred dollar bill. That’s the problem, you see.

When you’re hanging on to things, you have no room for more to come into your life. Circulation is the key. Let things go. Make room. You know that nature abhors a vacuum. Create one and clearly state what you would like to come rushing in to fill it. This is the key to prosperity.

Think about houses. You buy a piece of land and you have a house built. It costs you $200,000. You have a wonderful house on a lovely acre beautifully landscaped and you enjoy it immensely. At the same time that you are enjoying your house, the builder, the mason, the plumber, the electrician, the landscaper are all enjoying their part of your $200,000. That’s circulation.

And, there’s more! Not only have you circulated your money, but, you still have your house. Which is appreciating and creating more prosperity to circulate!

Prosperity is about much more than money. Prosperity is ‘the condition of being successful or thriving’. Therefore, you can be enjoying prosperity in your health, your relationships, your career, your learning, your joy, your happiness…and, your money. Does that sound good to you?

Start by letting go. What are you squeezing so tightly that there is no room for something better, something more satisfying, something more abundant? Pry your fingers off it and let it go.

Clearly see what it is that you would like to come into your life as you release what no longer serves you. Visualize your goal in all its details and give it a name.

The other day I was speaking to a large group of civilians at a military base. The topic was about not letting your past determine or limit your present or future. Many times we do that, have you noticed? It’s important to know right down to your toes that you are not limited by what has happened to you. You are only limited by what you think!

I suggested to that audience that they rush home and buy a new book to write in. On the front, I asked them to put this title, “What I Want’, and to write down in great detail everything they would like to bring into their lives. No limitation: character traits, relationships, possessions, goals, money, love, peace, beauty, anything at all. Then, I asked them to see themselves enjoying it fully. It’s important to make a very rich picture, so rich, in fact, that they could feel the feelings they would experience when their visions become reality.

You can do that, too. Start such a book and capture your dreams. You deserve to have what you most want. Declare it by making it real on the page. Then, step into it in your mind.

Clarity is the first step. When you can articulate what you want, you are living by approach. When you can’t, it’s likely that you’re living by avoidance. You are simply moving away from what you do not like. That’s not satisfying. You’ll begin to feel like a billiard ball being pushed around and banking off things. Take charge.

Know what you want. Write it down.

Open your fists and release what you’ve been hanging on to. Let go. Your prosperity can only come into an open, empty hand.

Oh, and by the way, get rid of the clutter and congestion. It’s blocking the flow of prosperity to you

By Rhoberta Shaler, PhD.