Confident Denture Use with Dental Implants

Dentures are removable dental appliances that replace the form and function of missing teeth. These dentures are created using the specific inner mouth measurements of a patient, resulting in a set of teeth replacement that fits perfectly inside the mouth. Dentures offer a quick solution to tooth loss, and may be one of the first options to be considered by those who do not want to go through a long period of time without their teeth. Removable dentures can instantly complete the smile once again, after the loss of most or all of the natural teeth.

The benefits of removable dentures, however, have a time limit. The comfortable fit of the dentures inside the mouth will last for a few years, after which the dental appliance will start to feel loose. The difference in the way the dentures fit may be felt in small ways in the beginning; a change in the way the teeth bite on food, or how the dentures do not snugly fit over the gums in a solid manner. As more time goes by, bigger changes – and problems – will arise from the ill-fitting dentures. Eating will become painful to do because the dentures rub against the gums and the soft inner mouth tissues. The denture wearer’s confidence will also be affected because loose dentures have a tendency to fall off from their normal positions with each mouth movement such as speaking or smiling.

Denture use can be made more confident and comfortable with the help of dental implants. These titanium implants replace the function of missing tooth roots, and will provide the stimulation that the jawbone needs to prevent the onset of bone deterioration, which is a natural occurrence that comes with the loss of natural teeth. The implants will make sure that the jawbone retains its healthy structure, so patients can avoid the sunken mouth appearance that can usually be seen in those who have missing teeth.

The implants are used to securely anchor the dentures or a fixed dental bridge to the jawbone, ensuring that the dental restorations will not unexpectedly move inside the mouth. Problems of discomfort and embarrassment that result from having loose dentures can be avoided with the help of implant-supported dentures. Those who secure their replacement teeth with implants will also have the confidence to smile, laugh, and converse with other people without worrying about teeth that will suddenly fall out from inside their mouths in the most embarrassing manner.