Computer Training Types

The Different Types of Computer Training
Computer training seems to be everywhere these days!  In an age of the discerning consumer, you should investigate fully before you’re roped into anything; this includes your computer training classes.  Even from apparently reputable sources, there is often training out there that, at the very least isn’t suited to what you’re trying to learn, and in extreme situations are a misrepresentation and a rip-off.  Knowledge is power.  What follows is a broad overview of what basic computer training often consists of and on a few topics it’s this training is offered on.
Microsoft office: People just getting started with the office program often get enrolled in this class for an overview of the components to the popular system.  Often they start with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access and the manner in which you use them to the utmost.  Classes are also formed around Microsoft Excel at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.
PC Repair: A class focused on gaining a grasp of computer hardware, software that runs on a PC, resources available to both the PC customer and more advanced assistance privy to a certified repairman. Classes often leave the student with the confidence to tackle PC problems.  Courses can last anywhere from a few weeks to an intensive weekend long and include things like: computer safety, computer types, computer components, Windows OS, boot up problems, drivers, preventative maintenance, security, and emerging technologies.
Desktop publishing: this brand of publishing is in high demand as the need is ever present and the technology begins to catch up.  You used to have to go to a print shop; today you can create a print shop in your bedroom for things like flyers, reports, newsletters, even advertising.  With this need come two types of software depending on your needs.  Classes are often taught around Adobe software, the more advanced software, often used for commercial printing at a professional level; and Microsoft publisher which is intended for smaller businesses, is less expensive, and has fewer options.
Teacher Training: If you can’t beat them, join them!  People who have more of an interest in passing on the knowledge can become certified in any number of programs including Windows, .net, Access, Excel, Java, and Oracle among many others. Training of teachers is often very specialized, though the presumptive teachers, in their travels often pick up much of the knowledge involved around other programs or they may be cross over teachers; teaching numerous subjects. Or they could just be very technically proficient, which they oftentimes are.
There are many types of computer training depending on your aspirations with computers that we haven’t even discussed here.  You can write program, take on more advanced computer language in your teachings or any number of other different tasks depending on your experience.  Computer training looks likely to become as basic as math and English; staying current on subtle trends is impossible for most of us, but a broad understanding of the ways these machines work is fast becoming essential for life in most civilized nations.