Computer Training For Old Age People

Computer Training for Old Age people

Computer Training for Older people: It is really difficult to reach the older age people and offer them computer training, however it is well established now that people given computer training have sharper memories. Old age people may benefit from some of the applications such as e-banking or electronic purchases if thorough computer training is provided to them.

Although age is a factor in learning and older people might have lower response in learning new techniques. But if in the beginning they are given tasks with a step-by-step guide, they will find it interesting. Computer training for the purpose of recreation is also beneficial for their overall health and up to some extent it can slow down depression.

Computer Training for Internet: Many community centers and old age homes provide computer training to old people. Many governmental, non-governmental or charitable organizations also offer computer training to many of the older people. These centers provide different computer literacy programs for older people having crossed 50 years of age.

Many local people also take initiatives and provide computer training to the old age people of their locality. These people thus can join weekend’s centers arranged by community people for them. As the role of computer in our day-to-day work is continuously growing, it is really difficult for the people to manage their life without this machine. Internet is the need of people today and communities are providing free computer training as well as free Internet access to the needy and poor people in the locality.

Role of Community Centers and NGOs: Community centers and Non-governmental organizations play a great role in overall development of people including their personal development. The personal development includes the computer training, the educational training and overall development so the old people may find a suitable job for them easily. Computer training in MS Word can be beneficial for some older people to find a typing job for them so they can easily make their livelihood from the job. Similarly the computer training in Internet can be beneficial for few of them to enhance the research skill and thus can find out a suitable job.

Although the governmental policies are somewhat in favor of the old poor people, but I think some more additional facilities should compulsory be provided to the old age people. One such facility is free access to Internet. The non-governmental organizations are playing a great role in looking after the needs of people and providing them the required computer training.

The response in learning: The response of learning in old age people is sometimes very low. The memory becomes slow after aging and sometimes if several steps are there in any of the program, it is better to provide them written notes during their computer training. With a continual support and repeated computer training, the old people may find the Internet most beneficial for them.