Computer Training For Beginners

Computer Training for beginners

Basic Computer Training: There are several websites and institutes that offers basic know how on computers and provides a detailed computer training to the beginner. In some of the organizations a few people may not still be aware about the operation and working of computers. Computer training for beginners is therefore not only beneficial for those individuals but for the organization also. There are lots of computer training institutes that designs courses suitable for beginners.

Computer training courses: The courses are well designed and include introduction to PC, detailed operation of mouse and keyboard, operating software, hardware and difference between hardware and software, email and Internet and Internet security. Depending on the needs and requirement of individual, the detailed program includes the software such as MS office, DBMS etc. Beginners once take interest in the computer training provided to them, they not only learn basics but also enjoy working with computers. I remember many beginners getting confused with mouse and several people ask me the role of mouse. People do find games very interesting and learn the games very fast.

Once the beginners are taught theory classes they are asked to devote their time on learning computer training. The beginners must learn operating systems in details. The various hardware and software used for running a machine are also important and included in the courses. The basic course is not complete until and unless the people are not taught Internet and email. If possible some basic Internet protocols should be discussed with the beginners and people should be asked to run machine themselves. All safety and security aspect should be included in the course. Some people will need to learn more about MS office or DBMS.

Aim of computer training: A person having gone through computer training for beginners should be able to open and close the machine themselves, know the main hardware and software installed in the computer, should know the operation of mouse and key board, should know word processors, should know write, edit, send and reply the emails, should know the Internet access for various purposes and should be able to search through Internet.

The beginners after completing computer training for beginners, should also be capable to answer the questions related to any of the topic as mentioned above. They should be taught in such a way so they can easily carry out the required computer job without taking help from any other person. The practical computer training should be provided repeatedly so the people do not forget any of the lessons learnt. People should also be encouraged for practical computer training at regular intervals.

Conclusion: Computer training for beginners are aimed at to gain some knows how about the computers and carry out some Internet job independently. The computer training is designed for the beginners according to their age group or qualification. The outcome of such computer training is great, as many organizations now prefer to impart skills to their poorly qualified people.