Computer Forensic Tool Kit

The Computer Forensic Toolkit

Computer forensics has been garnering a lot if interest due to the increase of cyber crimes. The need for computer forensic experts is steadily increasing. As the technology continues to develop criminals and offenders find a way to catch up. The Computer has become an important part of your lives.

It has changed the way we work and live. This is why it has become the target of criminals and offenders. Computer forensics helps combat crimes. It is also necessary for them to avoid mistakes and make sure that they do their job. Fortunately a computer forensic toolkit is available to make sure that they got all the bases covered.

Computer forensics is complex. It needs careful preparation and procedures must be followed diligently. It may look easy in television but computer forensics takes a lot steps. If any of these steps are missed the evidence can be tampered. The evidence will be inadmissible in court and the computer forensic analyst may face a lawsuit.

The right tools for the right job

Like any other job we need the right tools for it. These tools are important to be able to do your job well and avoid mistakes as much as possible. If you’re a computer forensic expert you cannot afford to make a mistake. Any evidence should be handled carefully and properly.

Any IT professional can retrieve data but they are not trained in evidence techniques that are necessary for the job. In most cases the computer system is taken from owners even though they have provided consent. If the data and the machine are compromised the computer forensic analyst may face a lawsuit.

The computer forensic toolkit reduces the risk of making mistakes while doing your investigation. It also serves as a guide and framework to be able to have a smooth investigation. It also serves as en educational guide for newcomers that will provide the technical and legal know how to a forensic investigation.

A computer forensics toolkit is available online. Unfortunately it not free and costs $199. It’s a comprehensive guide for both the beginner and the veteran. To keep with the continuing changes in the technology tools such as these are important for a faster and more efficient forensic investigation. Computer forensics is not exactly one of those jobs wherein you can erase your mistake and begin over.

The whole tool kit can be viewed in MS word format for easier reading. The first part of the toolkit is the Introduction and Guide. It contains a comprehensive overview of computer forensics with an outline for the whole procedure. The next is Management Presentation. It is followed by forensics report template which provides a guide in making consistent reports.

Essential Forensics Forms, as the name suggests contains all requisite forms for documentation. Manuals and Procedures contain all the steps done in the forensic laboratory. Forensic glossary contains all the terms. Forensic resources contain the FAQ, cost estimator, case studies and valuable tips.

There’s checklist to keep track of your progress. The last but not the least is the Tool Reference Catalog which contains the list of documents and software tools that you need.

The toolkit will provide the know how for any newcomer and a reviewer for the veteran. Every analyst should keep abreast with the times to make sure that the criminals won’t overtake them.