Computer Forensic Investigation

The Nature of Computer Forensics Investigation

What is computer forensics investigation? How can it help solve crimes?

The news in the broadsheets, television, and radio about various crimes such as murder, holdup, thieving, and the likes are no longer new to us. Crimes happen here and there. We can’t say that we can’t fall as the next victims. In the past years, computer forensic investigation had earned a remarkable commendation particularly in line with solving crimes.

The then Enron scandal signaled the start of the glories of computer forensics. To date, a lot of intelligence, law enforcement, military, and business agencies rely on this field in the hope of speeding up the process of solving any malicious scandal done to other individuals or within the firms themselves.

Computer forensics is the scientific study that deals with computers and the related facts in connection with an investigation done by any law enforcement firm for the purpose of presenting the evidences in the court. This branch of study has existed for an innumerable number of decades and perhaps it is of the same age with the presence of computers.

However, thanks to the advantages in the modern technology because computer forensics investigation is placed onto a much higher level. Revisions and upgrades are constantly applied to the field of computer forensics.

Old Time Computer Forensics at a Glance

In the past years when technology was not yet that modern, computer forensics was much known for data dumps. The procedure was too hard and slow because all of the keystrokes were to be printed out in eight digits. However, those digits were all zeroes and then ones. The materials used in printing out the data were cases of paper.

Needless to say, the systems analysts were required to convert the information into hex and then to translate their values into the actual information keystroke. The entire procedure permitted the investigators to go through all of the information at hand and specify at which point did the program and the computer system packed up.

In the olden days, computer forensics had gone through a variety of ups and downs. But of course, it is important to note that those are the things of the past. Nowadays, the said field has a brighter future ahead of it. In fact, computer forensics investigation is the known way of providing an in-depth examination to solve series of crimes and other deceitful actions.

Indeed, the computer language still ranges from the zeros to ones or those hex and binary but these days, everything is already being upgraded. The same thing goes around with the process of computer forensics investigation. The developers of the tools are keeping up with the competition. For now, computer forensics investigators are able to retrieve any wiped off data.

These specialists are the people who are capable of reconstructing the lost data either they have been intentionally or accidentally erased from the computer’s hard drive. They are moreover overly familiar with the science of computer forensics and the construction of digital technology.

Computer forensics investigation digs deeper into all electronic files. You can trust the investigators to collect and examine the data from the emails, chat histories, and other communications done using the computer.

The military, law enforcement, and other intelligence companies are making use of this field in uncovering whatever evidence may be used to file for a legal action before the court of law. This is very significant especially now that many crimes remain unsolved.