Computer Forensic And Crime

Computer Forensics and Crime

The need for computer forensics has increase due to the rise in cyber crimes. There are many illegal activities and criminal acts that can be done online due to the accessibility of the internet. Criminals nowadays have more sophisticated schemes. Any employee can turn into an offender once they are able to hack in the company’s network for malicious purposes.

Due to this, the government has incorporated computer science and the latest technology to address these crimes. Computer forensics and crime are intertwined now more than ever.

There are many ways that a computer can be used for crime. Computers have changed the way we interact, communicate and live our lives. Due to this information has become a valuable commodity. Crimes over the internet have also risen such as identity theft and fraud.

Computer science to fight crime

Computer forensics has many definitions. To put it simply, it’s thoroughly investigating computer systems to know if it has been used in a criminal act. Computer forensic analysts extract and examine data for evidence or supportive evidence. He or she then documents the entire investigation and findings. Electronic evidence is also handled with care and follows standards so that it will be admissible to the law.

Computer forensic analysts can retrieve data from a hard drive whose contents have been completely erased. However this requires expertise and experience. Criminals who used the aid of computers are aware what law enforcement agencies do. Countermeasures such as viruses and booby traps can also be installed in the computer which may modify or damage the evidence, making it inadmissible in the court of law.

Computer forensics can be used to track emails and evaluate their contents. Email is the most common way of communicating nowadays due to its reliability. They may contain evidence that is substantial to the case. They can also track down instant messaging and computer related communications.

They can help in identity theft which common nowadays. They can trace the activities of buying and selling of child pornography online to the individuals involved in it. They can find out the employee who’s responsible for hacking into the company’s network. Companies are monitoring their worker’s computers but some are still able to find a way to get in. Once the security has been breached they can trace the tampered computer system.

They can also help in different types of disputes other than criminal matter and law enforcement. This includes divorces, wills and civil disputes. Computers are common tools that we use everyday. Important information can be found in the computer which can help in any case. Some knowledge in the field can also help average people from becoming victims of cyber crime.

They can install security measures in their computer. Apart from that they should also be careful when using their credit cards online. They should also watch out for their kids who might be taken advantage of criminals and sex offenders online.

Computer forensics is becoming more and more important as technology continues to develop. Criminals nowadays are adapting to changes and keeping up with the times.

Unlike the scenes depicted on television it a mentally draining job that takes a lot of patience and keen attention to details. Hopefully in the future we will have right tools to address cyber crimes looming ahead.