Competitive Quality -Areas of Concern

Quality is very important for the organization in this competitive business world. If you want to compete your competitor, you have to win their customer and make new customer. This is only possible if your give them better product at lower cost. Competitive quality can offer this. To have this in you business process you should understand the area of concerns. Following are the few points which will help to improve your business quality.

• Does the company have a common vision, which is shared by all the employees in its true sense?

• Are the company’s strategies targeted for quantified measurable improvement in important areas and is building for future seen as more important than short-term benefits?

• Does the company make effort to integrate employees’ job performance with key quality improvement targets and business results?

• Does the company have an effective appraisal system, which takes care of the career progression of all the employees?

• Does the company promote creativity & innovation and encourage employees to for ‘out of box’ thinking?
• Is there a system for employee recognition and is good performance rewarded?

• Is everyone in the organization given training on time management & stress management so that they can carry out the company’s task in the productive manner?

• Does the company organize training programs for the suppliers to improve their ability to meet key requirements and response times?

• Does the company have a system to generate healthy competition among suppliers of similar items to improve performance?

• What is the level of your supplier satisfaction?

• Are the suppliers paid in time?

• Does the company constantly endeavor for development of capabilities of its suppliers?

• Does the company regularly analyzes the quality costs and ensures that maximum focus is given to preventive measures?

• Does the company effectively use JIT for reducing inventory?

• Does the company use ERP system for their process?

• Does the company make efforts to find out information from best in the class and make use of this information for process improvement?

• Is the criterion of benchmarking well defined and documented?

• Has the company introduced a system of quality MIS so as to ensure that the organization is on a constant hunt for opportunity signals for improvement.

• Has the company significantly improved its market share from the previous year?

• Is the company information management system accessible to every one without any difficulty?

• Does the management involve them in recognizing the employee contributions?

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