Comparison of Hair Drug Testing With Saliva Drug Testing

An examination of specimen to detect specific drug presence or to determine prior drug abuse is known as drug test. Several methods have been developed to trace drug presence. Among those Hair and Saliva drug testing methods have emerged rapidly and accepted widely throughout the world.

Characteristics Of Hair Drug Testing And Saliva Drug Testing

Hair drug testing method is usually preferred in forensic studies due to its highly accurate results and many organizations use hair drug testing to find drug abuse for longer periods. Saliva drug testing is used in businesses, schools and in sports as results can be obtained immediately and due to its portability.

Hair drug testing and Saliva drug testing methods, both are donor friendly and difficult to adulterate. However, they have specific characteristics in respect of applications of usage.

• Easiness:
– The procedure followed to test drug presence using hair drug testing is easy. It is required to collect some hair samples and to send to a lab for testing.
– Saliva drug testing is easy to use and test can be conducted at the site of specimen collection.
• Duration For Drug Detection:
– Using Hair Drug Testing method, drug presence can be detected even after 90 days from the time of abuse. This test is widely accepted due to its effectiveness in results.
– Saliva drug testing is considered as an effective method to determine recent drug abuse and the duration of detection is 1-2 days from the time of abuse. Effectiveness of the results in saliva drug testing is based on the collection of the specimen.
• Adulteration:
– Adulteration of test samples in hair drug testing is highly impossible.
– In saliva drug testing, it is harder to adulterate but it is good to collect the specimen under the supervision for better results.
• Detects Major Drugs:
– Five major drugs abuse can be detected using hair drug testing using enzyme-immunoassay method.
– Seven major drugs can be detected using saliva drug testing, and using GC/MS method.
• Easy And Convenient:
– Hair drug testing technique is used at laboratories to detect drug presence from the test samples. Performing this test is easy, and convenient for those who know how to perform.
– Saliva drug testing is easy, and convenient to perform the test. This technique is more sensitive than any other drug testing method.
• Accuracy Of Results:
– Hair drug testing results are 100% accurate and these results are used as evidence for drug abuse.
– Accuracy of results in saliva drug testing is 95-98% and often performed in post accident situations.
• Skills Required For Conducting The Test:
– To perform a hair drug test, the person may need relevant knowledge to conduct the test. This test is usually conducted in highly equipped labs.
– Saliva drug testing can be performed by anyone, and at both home and lab.

This information gives characteristics of Hair drug testing and Saliva drug testing to understand the specific applications and to use both the testing methods effectively.