Compare Prices Of Jack Lalanne’s Juicers And Make The Final Choice

If you want to compare prices of Jack Lalanne’s juicers, we have prepared a quick price comparison list of Jack’s juicers.

But first something about Jack Lalanne and juicing…

His name is synonymous with juicers sold throughout the world. Many of his juicers have been seen on TV and enjoyed by all who purchase them.

One thing that customers appreciate is the affordability and variety of juicers offered by Jack LaLanne.

People can buy new or used juicers at cost-effective prices. Plus the benefits of juicing are great for the whole family.

Juicers create healthy and delicious mouth-watering drinks. Everyone is supposed to eat five fruits and vegetables a day, part of the five a day program.

Juicing helps to make this possible as it preserves the fresh fruit and vegetable nutrient content. So let’s compare prices of different Jack LaLanne juicers that bring the rewards of juicing right to your home and family.

Jack LaLanne Juicers Price Comparison

1. One popular product is the Jack LaLanne’s JFPJ-B Power Juicer Juicing Machine.

This juicer has a surgical quality stainless steel blade, a quiet 3,600 RPM motor, an extra large round feeder tube, a super sized detachable pulp collector and is constructed of dishwasher safe parts.

This juicer ranges anywhere from $99 to $119 dollars.

2. Jack LaLanne also sells a Stainless Steel Power Juicer, priced around $123.95 dollars.

This juicer receives a four out of five star rating. When purchased this juicer includes the two books Secrets of Power Juicing

Book and Recipes for Healthy Living Book.

Plus an extra blade is included in your purchase price.

3. The Jack LaLanne Juicee Juicer makes fresh healthy juice on a daily basis and is described as a great juicing machine.

The cost starts at $59.99. It has a powerful 250 watt motor, provides more than 30% juice than regular juicers, has automatic pulp ejection and depending on where you buy this juicer it comes with a full warranty.

4. The Tristar Jack LaLanne Deluxe Juice Machine can be purchased for $149.99 dollars.

This juicer comes with an accessory kit that includes: a pusher, crescent tool (for safe blade removal), 32 Oz. pitcher with increments in ounces and cc, filter brush, platform and an overflow platform.

5. Jack LaLanne also sells the top-notch Tristar Products JLPJ Power Juicer and Juice Extractor.

This particular model costs an average of $149.00 dollars. This is considered to be a great model on the market today.

Whatever Jack LaLanne juicer you decide to purchase know that each of his juicers has many benefits. All of them come with a surgical-quality steel blade, are comprised of dishwasher safe parts, easy to assembly and reassembly and work like they are seen on TV.

He offers a wide range of products that are cost-effective and easy to use. All of his juicers have a powerful motor that provides hours of juicing pleasure with all of the vitamins and nutrients benefiting your family.

The price ranges anywhere from $59.99 to $149.99. This makes his juicers affordable for people of all income levels.