Compare And Contrast – Top Help Desk Software

For easier comparison on top help desk software brands available in the market, this is a discussion of top web-based help desk software systems there is. While the features of most systems are generally similar, others have their own features incorporated to provide better support service for their clients.


This web based help desk system has few requirements but is equipped with staggering features. At a $199 value, it is compatible with a wide range of servers and workstations. The system is able to hold up a massive database for quick search and easy reference by customers on FAQs. There is also a huge database for storing customer information, asset tracking, billings and sales, and other statistics.


This brand of web based help desk system promises to incorporate more powerful features on your system such as improved tracking technology and better management of customer requests. However, it lacks some of the features available to most help desk systems in the market such as the ever important follow-up to actioned requests and tracking of sales and assets. The customizable features are quite limited as well but it does provide a few options.

Enterprise Wizard

Despite its richness in customizable features, this brand of help desk software is quite expensive for a system. Therefore, it makes this help desk system suitable only for midsize to large businesses who are able to shoulder the costs and the annual value for the system. Its got a rich lineup of features that includes tracking, wide database, customer history and statistics, and email notifications. However, it is limited in terms of compatibility with server softwares, being compatible only to MySQL and a few acceptable servers like Unix, Linux, Windows NT and 2000.

WonderDesk SQL

The WonderDesk help desk software is nearly a fully automated system at almost $500 value. There is a free upgrade to the system within a year since purchase of the system. But before the upgrade, you can already have access to multiple features that are specifically designed for better operational structure such as email management, a large database, and record of customer information. It has a full list of customizable features as well if you want to change the fonts, images, or the overall template.

LiveTime Support

As one of the top brands of help desk system, the LiveTime Support is a hefty investment. Not only is the $7500 value more expensive than other systems, it has a support cost which is about 15% of the base price. Is it worth the purchase? It’s got a full list of features and more variety in your options in handling the operational systems. The good thing is that it does not require any local softwares to be installed in order to utilize the system.


If you want to focus on better asset management and a more secured system, then this brand of help desk system’s comprehensive visual audit system and management server might just be what you need. For one year, you can get a free upgrade in the support system but after that you will shoulder the support and upgrade costs as one. This system is compatible with a large range of server and browsers. Except for an updated notification feature, it does have all the services you need from a help desk software.

Finding the top help desk software that is available in the market is all about choosing the features you need for your business and picking them at the right value.