Company Presentation Folders

Using the Right Company Presentation Folder

A company presentation folder may seem unimportant at first glance but think again. The wrong choice and design of company presentation folder can easily affect your listener’s ability to understand and appreciate your presentation, much less have a favorable impression of your company.

Using the Right Company Presentation Folder

Company Logo – Always have the company logo printed on the front of your presentation folder. This would serve as a reminder of your business presentation and as advertisement for the company as well. It must be large enough to be clearly visible from a short distance.

Color – The color of your folder must be visible even at the dark, allowing your listeners to know its whereabouts when the lights are off during your presentation. You may use more than one color for your presentation folder but this could increase your production costs if you’re having them custom-made. Make sure that the color of your presentation folder contrasts favorably with your company logo.

Material Used – There are different kinds of paper you can use to make your company presentation folder. It’s up to you to choose which, but just make sure that it’s durable and won’t easily tear apart.

Texture – This factor wouldn’t really add much to the convenience or functionality of your presentation folder. It can, however, enhance or detract from your company’s reputation. Your listeners are no doubt aware of which textures are more expensive or not. If the texture of your presentation folder is obviously not of expensive quality, try to compensate it at least with an attractive front and design.

Size – The width and length of your presentation folder must easily accommodate the largest sized documents it will contain. It must also be adequately sized to be able to accommodate the quantity of documents it will hold. To be able to securely hold numerous documents, your folder must make use of either a fastener or slider.

Title – The front of your company presentation folder should contain as well the pertinent details of your presentation. Besides the title of your business presentation, it may also include the names of the speakers as well as time, date, and venue of the presentation.

Identification – The front of your company presentation folder may also contain a blank field in which the listener may write down his name and other pertinent details. This could be quite helpful if your presentation requires them to leave the folder behind at anytime or submit it later together with an answer sheet. If you are going to provide them with a blank field for writing, try to provide lines to make it easier for them to write.

Other Tips on Using the Right Company Presentation Folder

For added protection, consider covering your company presentation folder with plastic. This will make your folder water-proof and to a certain extent, tougher against tears and creases.

Consider numbering the company presentation folders you distribute to your listeners. This is important if you have a limited number of folders, an unexpectedly increase in crowd size, and high production costs. You’d want to make sure that people don’t receive more than one folder.

A prototype of your company presentation folder must be ready for your perusal at least a month before your presentation. Company presentation folders must be ready for distribution at least a week before.