Commitment – A Key To Success

Commitment: A Key Ingredient For Success

So you have decided to go into business for yourself, have taken care of all of the necessary licenses and paperwork, and are now faced with making your dream happen every morning you wake up. From now on, you need to know that “Commitment” is the one word that will change the way you and others view your business. Until you are committed to your project, there is always a hesitancy in your actions. However, once you are committed, your life will change. Events will occur that will help move you forward. People will come into your life with the knowledge and inspiration you need. Miracles will seemingly happen.

People are enthusiastic when they first think of an idea for their own business. Remember how happy you were when you first talked about your idea? However, after spending time developing an idea, some people begin to change their minds, to question themselves.

This is normal to have doubts. The novelty has worn off. You are now making your dream a reality and hard work is not always exciting. Do not confuse excitement with passion. Just because you are not giddy about your product doesn’t mean that you aren’t passionate. It just means that you are now grounded in a new reality. You are taking the development of your product seriously. To keep the novelty alive, remember to dream like a child but decide as an adult every step of the way.

The reality check step affirms your commitment to implementing your idea. This step does not measure your excitement about your product, it just provides you with the opportunity to check in with your passion. To make sure that what you are working on connects your heart and your life. .

Only you can determine whether you are passionate about your product. There are no checklists available, no one can delve into your soul and say, “Yes, you are passionate.” It’s up to you, so be honest with yourself. Does your idea still light a fire in your heart? If so, continue developing it because you will be successful. If it does not, revisit your intent and see how your product can fit into your passion.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to abandon an idea that does not fit your personal goals. Working on your idea has already changed you. So what you developed up to now may no longer suit you. Focusing on your intent rather than a specific product may have altered your direction and helped you discover your true passion.