Combining Travelling and Working at the same Time. Good Idea or just plain Dumb?

The Associated Press have recently reported that 20% of us take our laptop computers with us when we go on holiday.Add to this the other four in five people who said they brought along their mobile phones and you get the impression that some of us can’t bare to be out of touch with the office.

Apparently it is a growing trend that growing numbers of us are interrupting our relaxation on holidays to stay in touch with the office and, more remarkably, purely just stay in touch with gossip.

One in five of us carrying out certain work tasks while we’re on holiday and the same amount checking real face from time to time just to monitor any inward calls.How about this statistic the apparently twice as many people who use their mobile phone check into the office e-mail system just to check their e-mails while they’re on holiday.

Depending on how you view it the villain or victim in this case is the residency Keyes with which it is possible to stay in touch with the office from remote locations nowadays.

Research has cited a number of reasons for why we have the desire to remain in touch with the office while we are on holiday.

“I’m the final guy, so I make sure my customers are happy,” said Don Schneider, 43, a plumbing contractor from Buena Park, California, who also runs an online business that supplies video equipment for plumbers.

Schneider says he limits his holiday check-ins to about a half-hour daily and tries to do it unobtrusively so he won’t annoy family and friends, making calls from his hotel room or car.

Perhaps this is a trend that we have to take seriously in that it would appear that the higher up the ladder work wise you process the greater the chances of you being brought back down to a earth with a bump whilst connecting to the office.

Such is our obsession with the office nowadays that though it is nice to relax and get away on holiday it is also nicer to relax knowing that everything is okay back in the office.

Staying out of touch with the office can actually cause more harm than good in that more executives nowadays are reporting the fact that it is difficult not to keep in touch.

People under age 40 were likeliest to check their personal e-mails, voice mails or other messages from vacation spots. But people checking for work-related messages tended to be a bit older, perhaps reflecting the greater work responsibilities that can come with age.

“Men in their late 40s and early 50s, middle managers, feel they can’t afford to miss something, and a vacation is secondary to them in terms of importance,” said Geoffrey Godbey, professor of leisure studies at Penn State University.

Whether we choose to believe it or not but according to academics there are also aspects of work that we enjoy.

The final issue at stake is that to remain in touch with the office whilst we’re on holidays is it because we actually like the office?

With regards to this topic it certainly is a case of what this space.