Combining Diet Plans Works Better Than Individual Plans

R&D Diet Cookie™ initiated a study last year to evaluate the effectiveness of their diet program compared to (1) a strict low carb program (Atkins™) and (2) a combination of the two programs. They also compared Weight Watchers® and NutriSystem® diets with and without the additional help of their appetite suppressing cookies.

What they found out was that it was easier for all dieters to stay on their diets if they used the meal replacement cookie. Also, all the dieters who used the cookies lost more weight. This may simply be because they were all able to stay on their diets better. The two main reasons people fail in their dieting efforts are hunger and cravings. If it wasn’t for hunger and cravings, dieting and weight loss would be easy. Since the meal replacement cookies suppress both hunger and cravings, it is not surprising users experience a higher success rate in their weight loss efforts compared to those who diet with only will-power.
Based on user reports, there was some evidence that combining an atkins-type diet with cookie dieting was more effective than either diet alone. They decided to test this claim, not only with low carb dieters but also with other popular diets.

The biggest difference was in the dieters who were on Weight Watchers® or NutriSystems®. They looked at the individual plan and compared plan participants using the cookies vs. plan participants not using the cookies. The participants on either diet who used cookie dieting as a supplement not only lost more weight but they stayed on their diets until the end of the study. The dieters who did give up the study before the end all came from the group that did not have the additional help of the cookies.

All participants filled out a “Quality of Life” survey and dieters who had the additional help of the cookies stated that their dieting experience was easier to stick with. The dieters using the meal replacement cookies could have lost more weight simply because the cookies allowed them to stay on their diet whereas the dieters who went on Weight Watchers or NutriSystem alone found it difficult to stick to their diet through the end of the study. Strict adherence to the diet plan appeared to also be more difficult in the group that did not have the added help of the cookies. There is nothing magical about the cookies. The cookies are simply engineered to eliminate hunger and cravings so that it is easier to stay on whichever diet you choose.

Similar results were seen with the dieters on Atkins with and without the R&D Diet Cookies. The dieters using the cookies were able to remain on their diets throughout the course of the study. There was a higher attrition rate in the atkins group that did not use the cookies. It will be interesting to find out if there was a greater weight loss with any particular diet. Although it appears the low carb dieters had greater success in terms of total weight lost, the actual test results won’t be available for a couple more months.