Columbia Law School

Columbia Law School: Always On Top

Columbia Law School is one of a few law schools which can claim to be both historically and currently excellent. It was one of the first law schools to be founded in the United States which means that it is rich in history. It is also member of the Ivy League. In the past decade, the Columbia Law School has never been unseated from the top five law schools in the United States. This is probably the reason why a lot of people want to go there.

Another reason would probably be the fact that it enjoys a lot of prestige. Its students have been the best in the world in terms of politics, law and even business. So far, the Columbia Law School has graduated two American presidents, six Supreme Court justices, and a lot of Forbes 400 members. This supreme achievement attracts a lot of people. Everyone wants to be successful and attending the Columbia Law School just seems to be a sure way to do it.

The Columbia Law School has a faculty committed to the education of the students. Despite the fact that Columbia Law School remains to be at the leading edge of research and development in different areas of the law, the faculty remain to be focused on the continuing development of the brilliant minds of the students.

The faculty members are respectful of the different backgrounds of the different students and they value the knowledge and skills that the students bring to the academe. Many opportunities are given to the students to learn from their instructors even outside the classroom. The Columbia Law School helps students make sure that they remain on top of their game.

The students of the Columbia Law School are not just trained to become lawyers. They are trained to become leaders of the world. They are given the knowledge necessary to ensure man’s progress. The extensive curriculum of the Columbia Law School makes it Sure that the students will graduate as virtual founts of knowledge. This is made sure by the huge amount of intellectual resources made available to the students.

One such resource is the Columbia Law School library. The library is considered by many to be one of the best law libraries in the world. It contains more than a million books and countless periodicals.

However, what makes the Columbia Law School library really special is its staff. Experts assist you in whatever materials you need. They will be able to suggest various readings for any matter concerning the law. They also make sure that you have access to the books that you need.

The Columbia Law School does not only make sure that you are equipped for the world; it actually gives you a boost through its Career Services. Through the Columbia Law School Job search counseling, you will be equipped with the edge that you need to beat the competition for employment. They also offer various on-campus recruitment activities to help you get a head start even before you have left school. For those who want to start smaller, they also offer various internships and clerkships positions. This will help you get the hands on experience you need to acquaint yourself with the world of law. The Columbia Law School really is at the top of the game.