Colored Diamonds – A Style Statement

Diamonds are known to be the purest of gems; in fact, the sparkle of the diamond is incomparable. It is indeed a woman’s best friend that guarantees strong bond love and purity all along.

Diamonds are found in wide range of colors. These days colored diamonds, or diamonds in fancy colors have gained wide popularity. Diamonds are stunning and are a great source of asset due to its color, brilliance, size and shortage. Diamond value is always rated based on Carat.

From past many years, its been noticed that diamond prices have gradually augmented similar to any work of art. Diamonds are now sold at overseas auctions at incredible prices. Diamonds are exceptional, classy and available in a wide range of colors like blue, yellow, red, purple, pink, green, brown, orange and even black.

Pink colored diamonds come various shades, ranging from beautiful and smooth baby pink to brighter hot pink tones. Pink diamonds are in more demand during Valentine as it symbolizes love and romance. Pink heart shaped diamonds look magnificent when it is set in metals of white gold or platinum. The rarest of all diamonds is the red diamond, as its not commonly found. Blue diamond looks gorgeous and extremely gorgeous and it comes in different shades ranging from the bright blue sky to the serene ocean.

Similar to pink diamond, yellow diamond also comes different shades ranging from the bright yellow to softer yellow tones. Yellow diamond looks stunning and classy when set alongside white diamonds. Green and orange diamonds are exceptionally uncommon and one hardly can see them in the market. Brown diamonds are found commonly and usually the colors vary from light brown to dark chocolate brown.

Black diamond is available in different shades. Color can be intensified or enhanced by using special ways of diamond treatment. Heat is used to intensify or enhance the color. Usually all these processes are done in the laboratories.

Through treatments, you might get beautiful and rare hues, but usually the quality gets affected. Generally, you might find some slight change in the clarity and weight and a re-polish is required thereafter, but with latest stylish techniques, weight loss and transparency degradation can be minimized.

Treated diamonds are worth far less than their original natural counter parts. These are more reasonably priced than naturally colored white diamonds. Colored diamonds look very attractive in bracelets, necklaces or rings if made with a combination of white diamonds. Few people own naturally colored diamonds due to its inflated rates.

Hence, colored diamonds satisfy everyone’s taste, but you must take immense care of this valuable investment. Diamonds must always be kept sparkling and stored cautiously in silk pouches when they are not worn regularly. Utmost care must be taken while traveling with diamond jewelry.

The beauty of natural stones is highlighted as we turn to the deeper levels of comfort. Jewelry should stir all your senses and should enhance your style statement as well as personality and taste. If you keep all these in mind then your one-of-the-kind colored jewelry set would not just be a passing trend, but it would be a lasting treasure.