College Years: How to Make Them Unforgettable

Now that high school is over and you have freedom to choose among different careers, probably for the first time in your life you are to make the most serious choice you’ve ever faced. You go back and revise your childish dreams in your memory and try to find out where your heart truly lies. And when you do, the most exciting years of your life begin and you become a college student.

College is no place to play games and fool around. You are now to think about your future and what’s to become of you. First year students or just freshmen come to their first class with serious facial expressions, already thinking about a day when they get out into the open on their own, with serious educational background and some lessons of life they’ve had during their studies. But on the other hand college is perfect environment to have fun and socialize. The atmosphere gives excellent opportunities to make new useful and interesting acquaintances and have fun doing various sports, cultural and social events. The more time you dedicate to university life the more popular you become among college elite.

Sophomore year is not less interesting than the freshmen year. Once you’ve got used to the ways in the university, know the procedure, have friends and hobbies and know how to have fun you feel perfectly well and ready to continue to do fun things you did before. Some of the fellows seem to forget about studies, but the system is serious and stable. In the dictionary of the dean there are no words “sorry” or “just a few more days”. The result comes real quick and in a day you are kicked out with unsatisfactory progress and a stamp of a looser for the rest of your days. Junior year is as much fun as it is serious. Being old and mature enough, we realize which direction to work in, to achieve everything that you’ve planned. Serious relations may start and distract your attention but studies are the only thing you’re focused on.

Your college term paper fly to you in your dreams and when you hear sarcastic “unsatisfactory” you wake up all nervous and have insomnia till the rest of the week. How unwise. If you work hard enough, you’ll be duly awarded at the end of your studies. Senior year is the best one, time that you will never forget. This is time to relax for those who were wise enough to keep up with studies and time to focus for those who lost their heads among various chances to spend their time otherwise. Most probably they will turn to college term papers to fill in the gaps of their studies.

But when the last efforts are made and all the exams are left behind, you feel relief and burning desire to get started to whatever you were prepared for. And after it is all over and look behind your shoulder you ask yourself: is it gone, or has it just begun? Nothing can be changed in the past but there is a nice chance to start your life again, from the blank page to write a good history about a man/woman, who reached success and achieved acclaim.