Collecting DVDs for a Home Theater

Now that you own a Home Theater, you are faced with a choice of buying DVDs or renting them through your local rental store or a service like Netflix. Here’s some of the things to think about when deciding.

While VHS tapes wore out, DVDs have a much longer life and retain their quality. This makes buying movies more attractive, knowing you can watch them in their original quality for many years. This of course depends on proper caretaking of your DVDs.

No late fees. While renting can seem cheaper, it’s often an expenditure of time and money you may not see in advance. Are you good about returning movies on time? Have you always finished them? While services like Netflix can avoid this, do you find yourself without movies to watch while you wait for them to ship your next movie?

Repeat watching. If you own the movie, you can have easy access to watch it again and again whenever you choose. There may be unpredictable moments such as a rainy day where it’s good to have a selection of great movies on hand.

Encouragement to watch quality movies. If your family has a library of quality movies such as ones teaching good values or with educational content, then your children don’t need to be tempted by the more violent movies at the local video rental store. The larger your collection, the more likely they will find something like are satisfied with watching.

Trading movies. If you have friends with a good movie collection, having one of your own will enable you to trade movies with each other on a loan basis.

Better quality. Movies you rent unfortunately have unpredictable quality, and a scratch may interrupt the movie right in the middle. You really can’t tell by looking at it, minor visible scratches may or may not have an effect on the movie.

Fun to collect. Movies are simply fun to collect. You may have a particular theme, such as favorite movies, documentaries, or favorite old television shows.

That said, a mix of renting and owning may be the best solution for most of us. Buy the movies you will watch again and again, or which are classics you want your family to watch. Rent the lesser movies you only will watch once, or where you don’t know if you’ll like it. Renting may be the way you discover a movie you then want to go out any buy.

Finally, be sure you find good discounts on your movies, ordering on the web will often be cheaper and a huge time saver. But only buy from reputable sources that you know will ship quickly such as Amazon. Below are some of the latest DVD’s from Amazon for you to check out!