Collectibles at Online Auctions

Shopping Collectible Trends Online

Perhaps one of the most interesting things to come out of online auctions since their advent is the ability to track collectible trends in a relatively easy fashion. Whether it’s action figures, movies, books or antiques, the prices buyers are willing to pay for certain items give a big tip off for what’s hot and what’s not at any given moment in time.

For the investor, however, these trends can be a little scary to follow as what sells high today might not tomorrow. Kind of like the stock market! But for those who watch the trends closely, get in at the right price and turn around and sell at the right price, too, the money that can be had is fantastic.

Collectibles are basically anything a person can live without, but won’t. The value of them often is not reflective of what the item actually is, but what it represents to the buyer or collector. A simple plastic toy, for example, can net hundreds of dollars if a collector wants it badly enough. An out of print book can net thousands. Glasses that were originally given away as store promotions decades ago can fetch a high price if a collector is looking.

So how do average buyers and sellers tell if an item is worth investing in? Watch the auctions.

Whether it’s $6 action figures that are currently selling for $60 or gaming consoles that are selling for double their retail price, the closing amount on auctions will help show if a trend exists. If you know where to find a cache of collectible antiques, for example, but don’t really know what they’re worth, check antique books. Then, look online at auctions and see what people are really paying for the items. Sometimes the most unlikely pieces are fetching some high prices.

Over the long term, tracking trends in sales and what’s hot and what’s not can be accomplished through search features. Find the hottest auctions and to create your own sales sensations go for similar items, not necessarily identical. Just like the stock market though, this can be a tricky prospect, but if a seller lands on items for a steal that turn out to be hot commodities at auction, the return in investment can be great.

Since the market is always fickle, if something doesn’t sell the first time out, try again at a later time. Just like clothing, music and more, what’s hot today might not be tomorrow, but it’s likely to be hot again down the road.