Collectible Porcelain Dolls

What Are Collectible Porcelain Dolls

Before the 20th century, dolls were made of materials such as clay, paper mache, wax and wood. Later on, manufacturers were able to use something else making such toys priceless today and these are known as collectible porcelain dolls.

But porcelain was not invented by the Europeans. This was discovered by the Chinese in the 600’s and this was used to make a cups, plates and pots. Given that it can be molded to just about any figure, it wasn’t long before collectible porcelain dolls were made in different colors, shapes and sizes. The best part is that girls who play with them can change their clothes that teaches them learn a thing or two about fashion.

How is a collectible porcelain doll made? Well, the faces are made by molding special clay. This is then glazed with a special paint or left plain. This creates then two types of dolls, the plain version is called bisque while the painted one is called china.

This is then baked in a kiln which is similar to an oven at over 2000 degrees. Once the initial firing is finished, it is repainted and returned once again to the kiln. Since bisque looks like real skin, a lot of manufacturers focused on producing this instead of porcelain.

The face is then attached to the components like the body, arms and legs. Such parts go through the same process, sewn and then dressed according to the collectible porcelain doll’s age, career if any and gender.

One of the best collectible porcelain doll manufacturers can be found in Germany. This is because of the intrinsic detail that is put into each one especially when the work is done by hand. France is another example which is why there is still a strong demand in the world. Naturally, there are others that make this but you cannot get the same craftsmanship and quality.

Just how much do collectible porcelain dolls sell for? The cheapest one can be purchased for under $10 while others may go up to $500. But the most expensive especially the antiques are sold for $1,000 each.

So, should you decide to buy collectible porcelain dolls, it is best to do some research first before you spend your hard earned cash. This will let you know which merchandise are valuable or saleable right now in the market and if your supplier has a good reputation that produces with the highest quality for the customer.

One of the best places to find collectible porcelain dolls is eBay. This is because you won’t find what you an antique or limited edition version at the local or specialty store. If you do decide to buy collectible porcelain dolls online, you better ask if the price already includes the shipping costs. Once you get it, make sure that this is displayed properly and protected because they are after all very delicate.

For those of you who are just starting a collection, it wouldn’t hurt to get one of those mass produced porcelain dolls at the toy store. Collectible porcelain dolls can sometimes be bought at the local flea market. You just have to go through each stall one by one. But if money is no object, then go visit an antique store.