Collectible Doll Figurines

Collectible Doll Figurines

Collectible doll figurines are an interesting hobby. This is because it can add personality to your home which many would think that is impossible.

A collectible doll figurine is much different than an action figure because it is made of different materials aside from plastic. They can’t move or anything and is placed in part of the room which serves as a focal point.

Some of the more popular collectible doll figurines to get are animals, mythical figures, themed, holiday and those that have religious importance. In fact, most collectors stick to just one type.

One brand that is sought after by many collectors is Royal Doulton Figurines. This company started business way back in the 1800’s and the price of their items range from less than a hundred dollars to those over two thousand dollars.

Another famous manufacturer of collectible doll figurines is Precious Moments. Most of the figures made here are based on the illustrations of Sam Butcher. When you go into a store, you can hardly miss it because they are always children with tear drop shaped eyes that have heartfelt and inspirational messages.

So how do you start this collectible doll figurine hobby? Well, you can buy your very first by looking for it online and then finding others by looking for a wholesale supplier. Once you have a lot, you can already show it off for display and pass it off to the next generation.

But if you have plenty in stock and want to buy others, you should use various mediums to auction, swap or sell these off to potential buyers. A few other places where you can find collectible doll figurines are at an antique store, garage sale and flea market. You just have to look carefully so you do not miss out on the opportunity to add something you new to your collection.

If you want to learn more about collectible doll figurines, there are books and related information on the web the can help. You should also visit a specialty store; ask family and friends who are into this hobby to share with you a few tips so you know what you are getting yourself into.

These resources will teach you how to negotiate with sellers and the current price of collectible doll figurines that you plan to buy or sell so that you won’t feel short changed or fooled.

When shopping for collectible doll figurines, be careful so you only buy genuine items. There are a lot of copycat manufacturers around so see if it has a signature label and if you are still in doubt, ask someone for assistance.

You should also inspect it for cracks or any other damage so you don’t waste your time running back to the store and getting a replacement.

The nice thing about collectible doll figurines is that you don’t have to keep it inside a box when this is placed on display. It may not look like much when you just have two or three pieces but as that collection grows you will enjoy looking at them more because each piece is a work of art.

In fact, collectible doll figurines are also ideal gifts to give especially if it personifies the recipient. Who knows, it’s possible that the first one you gave may also get them into this very popular hobby.