Collectible Cloth Doll

How To Make Your Own Collectible Cloth Doll

Collectible cloth dolls are not that different from rag dolls because they are made of the same fabric. While one is created from a selected the fabric, the other is made from scraps. Because they are easy to make, almost anyone can make one so you don’t have to necessarily buy it from the store.

In order to create your collectible cloth doll in your own image and likeness, you need to check first if all the materials are available. These include the fabric, the pattern, the sewing machine, thread, filling, yarn and buttons.

With everything ready, you may begin by drawing the face on paper. It is best to practice a few times to be able to get the right position and proportion.

As for the doll pattern, there are so many to choose from so for starters, get something simple from the craft store and if you succeed, it is time to find something more challenging by looking for more samples online.

You can also get tips and advice about how to make cloth dolls from such resources so why not take some time to read or learn from them.

With a pair of scissors, you will now cut the fabric pieces so you have the head, body and limbs. Various fabrics can be used to make this happen and a few examples are flesh, peach colored broadcloth, tan, percale or any tight weave cotton material.

Now it is time to piece everything together. For that, you begin by sewing all the darts on the body by working your way the wrong side out. Do not forget to leave an opening for the head and limbs then set this aside for a while.

You have drawn earlier the head on paper so it should be easy for you to embroider the face. You may use the buttons for the eyes and noses by sewing it and then using a marker to draw the lips. For those who don’t want to use buttons, you can also use the market to draw the eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth. This gives you a freehand of creating unique facial features not common on cloth dolls.

Next, sew the limbs and the head as indicated by the pattern, stuff it and then close the openings. Get some yarn and then sew this on the head so your collectible cloth doll will have some hair.

As you can see, there is already the head, the body and the legs. The only thing you have to do now is put everything together. Once this is sewn into place, the finishing touch will be to dress up the doll. You can follow the instructions that usually come with most cloth doll patterns or make one up by using your imagination.

It is a great feeling to have completed your very first collectible cloth doll. She is just perfect because you were able to create something you wanted. From there, you can create more and then give this away as a gift or sell this to others.

Your collectible cloth doll will also get dirty after some time. You must never use water to clean it but instead rub cornstarch into the body and leave it for about 8 hours before you gently brush this off.