Collectible American Girl Dolls

Collectible American Girl Dolls

Collectible American Girl Dolls have been sold and traded very well among hobbyists for many years. Although produced in countries like China, the concept comes from those back in the States who were inspired by one thing or another which makes these toys worth a lot of money. Here are some of America’s favorites here and abroad.

The first is the Cabbage Patch Kids that entered the market in the late 80’s. What makes this doll so unique is the fact the people do not buy them but rather adopt them. Just to prove how popular it was, there was a time that almost every woman brought this around wherever they went while going shopping or just having lunch.

Precious Moments which opened a few years earlier is also different because these Collectible American Girl Dolls were made of ceramic material. You can’t play with it but they served as ideal gifts to friends and family because of the teardrop eye design in each figurine.

Madame Alexander dolls are another favorite. This is just one of many Collectible American Girl Dolls that your child can play with especially with the various interchangeable costumes available so you can dress it up like someone from the king’s court or a famous Hollywood celebrity.

Lee Middleton dolls are the most realistic Collectible American Girl Dolls because they appear so life like. From a distance, you could think that it is the real thing which is why some have gone to great extents to save it from a fiery building or catch it before this falls into the ground. The company releases new dolls every month in various eye colors, skin tones, hair colors and sizes that continues to this day.

American Girl dolls are a popular among children and adults alike because the collection is from different time periods and places in American history making it very ethnically diverse. You can choose the doll based on the story of the character or you make this up on your own.

One of the biggest toy companies in the US remains to be Hasbro. They make board games and action figures alike so if you want a blast from the past, you can choose from Charlie’s Angels Dolls, Jem Dolls and Little Miss No Name that were some of their best sellers back in the 60’s and 80’s.

The newest contender in the doll market that is the Bratz dolls. The company is quite new but given their record sales performance during the Christmas of 2003, this is something that collectors should look out for in the future.

Lastly, the best selling doll for almost 50 years and is considered to be the symbol of Collectible American Girl Dolls is Barbie. Although the later models do not sell as much as the earlier ones, there are still people who will do anything to buy one in 1959 when this was first released. This was again reproduced in 1994 to mark its 35th year anniversary and with its 50th birthday next year, who knows what this company will do to commemorate this special day.

You can look for Collectible American Girl Dolls almost everywhere these days but the best venue to find antique or unique items is the Internet. Keep in mind that you may have to participate in an auction in order to get it.