Cold Calling:Top Three Components of Successful Cold Calls Revealed!

A cold call to a heavy-weight prospect, for the purpose of scheduling a face-to-face sales call, is in reality an extremely, sophisticated sale. In fact, it’s a sales presentation that’s so dog-gone good, that it’s stripped down to the bare essentials.

A cold call to top decision-makers, the guys (and gals) who have the ability to write unlimited checks to you for your products and services, has got to be so “tight” it can get you in the door, for multimillion dollar opportunities, in 90-seconds.

And if you can’t convince your prospect or the executive assistant, to schedule you for a meeting in two minutes or less, you’re in the doghouse instead of roaming the halls where the “Top Dogs” live.

To be that good, there are a few things that a sell-ice-to-an-Eskimo, sell-sand-in-the-Sahara, sales pro like you must know. Things that appear to “outsiders”, people who don’t know squat about selling, as being of no consequence.

But You Know Better!

There is the obvious, often overlooked, given little attention, script. You want a powerful script you can count on to give you the results you want. A script that gets you past the gatekeeper and onto the decision-maker’s calendar, that gets you calls back in the event you leave a voice mail message.

You want those precious few, spine tingling words that’ll compel the decision-maker to call and invite you in for a face-to-face meeting!

You want a script that makes the prospect glad to see you when you show up for your appointment; a script that’ll redirect your prospect’s objections with effective terminology that is non-threatening and non-selling.

To get in to see the upper echelon you want a script, a system really, that you can rely on to work for you, even on the days when you don’t feel like cold calling. (Yes, Virginia, we all have days like that!)

Then, before you touch your oh-so-eager-fingers to the keys of your phone, you gotta make sure to have several quick options available to you that’ll deliver meaningful information when your prospect asks the question you already know is going come your way, “Can you send me something in writing?”

This is the exact spot where many an experienced sales pro trips up and stops cold in front of a firmly closed door.

The Good News Is … You Don’t Have To Be One That Trips.

You can respond to your prospect’s requests, in a format that’ll open the doors to the executive suites! With information you can count on to answer your prospect’s unspoken question, “What’s in this deal for me?” Written words that’ll get you in the door, fast.

For sure, you don’t want to mail or fax, follow up with a call and hear something like, “We received your packet. I’ll call you if he’s interested.”

No, no, no! Don’t send materials like your company’s annual report, that’ll close the door of opportunity forever. Send the good stuff. The materials with “killer copy”, So Meaningful To Your Prospect, So Enticing, That Your Prospect Picks Up The Phone And Calls You!

And finally, you must have a person you can count on to make the cold calls. You may be that person. Or someone else may make appointment setting phone calls for you. Whatever you decide, the one “dialing for dollars” must have “sales savvy” AND the ability to “level the playing field”

You want to be the one who doesn’t go “all wobbly” when the prospect or administrative assistant bluntly asks, “Who are you?” “What do you want?” Or says, “He doesn’t handle that sort of thing … ”

You must be or must have access to the kind of person who has “staying power”. Who knows how to continue conversations at the top and not get booted down the organizational ladder.

Build your cold calling strategy with these three components. Make them rock solid and they’ll move you forward, faster than you thought possible, and position you for big, big sales.

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