Cold Calling Openers That’ll Make Prospects Practically Sit Up And Beg To Do Business With You

Imagine your blood racing as the previously closed doors of the executive suites magically open … because you know the secret words.

The words that establish trust, build your credibility as the authority, and compel the decision maker to meet with you and only you.

The words that get you face-to-face, high-level meetings, trim weeks off of the sales cycle and add tens of thousands of dollars to the size of the contract. Words that repeatedly level the playing field and position you as equal to your executive-level prospects.

Words That Keep Gatekeepers From Asking Annoying Questions

Like, “Who are you?” “Don’t you know, he doesn’t handle that sort of thing?” and “Could you send me something in writing?”

To really “get” the power of the words you gotta know that your high-level prospects are consumed with finding answers to three pressing questions:

1. How to increase revenues
2. How to decrease expenses.
3. How to quantifiably improve communications.

To grab the executives’ undivided attention you must quantify your ability to do one of these things. Use a number that’s significant enough for consideration, a number that’s not so high as to make him think, “Yeah, right.”

Here’s How To Create The Benefit Statement, The “Phrase That Pays” … Big.

Fill in the blanks about what your products and services do for your clients: “We (increase/decrease) __________ your (revenues/expenses) _________ by 20%.”

Then use the statement,
• In your cold calls to company presidents
• In your email signature
• On the top of your faxable one-sheet executive summary

Recently, one of my clients came to me with this benefit statement:

“Lighting the path for people and companies worldwide so that they can see the path to their dreams and goals. Our goals are that we leave a lighted path in the darkness wherever we’ve been.”

I didn’t need to ask, “How’s that workin’ for you?” I already knew.

By the end of our consultation his benefit statement had emerged as: “Increasing your profits by 20% or more. Guaranteed.”

He said, “Suddenly industry leaders I’ve been pursuing for more than a year, want to meet with me!”

Scheesh! By the time we’d finished with his benefit statement I wanted to meet with him!

Now, your mission should you decide to accept it, is to craft your own powerful benefit statement using the template above. Use it and you too will “Top Dog” decision-makers practically sit up and beg to do business with you.