Cold Calling Does Not Work:Find Out Why

Anybody who is responsible for generating their own leads are very familiar with cold calling because this how they find people or companies who want to buy what they are selling. Cold calling is becoming obsolete, you may come across a solid prospect every now and again but more than likely it is on their time table and not yours which takes all of the control away from you.

What are some of the reasons managers make their sales reps waste their time on cold calling? Let’s take a look:

*The company does not have to spend any money on marketing or marketing research.

* They feel that most sales reps generally have a short term job mentality and will take the next job that pays a higher salary and they know that investing in a marketing campaign will take away from their year end bonuses and do not really care how effective it is.

* They do not have to spend money on training to help the rep find quality leads because somebody with general knowledge of what they are selling can sit down and write a script whether it is effective or not.

Most of the time what happens is the rep will get sick and tired of the cold calls and move on to greener pastures. Many companies thank this is the norm so investing in their employees to find better more effective ways of marketing will be passed along on to other companies.

Cold calling is an old school tactic that could have been effective in past years now that technology and information is readily available most people will look for themselves to find a product. People are consistently brainwashed with marketing and they have become desensitized to a product that can save them money or help with productivity.

What you need is a way to stay in front of your prospects so that when the time comes to buy your product or service you will be fresh in their mind and will be viewed as the expert.

There are many ways to find new leads without cold calling you just have to be creative. Branding yourself as an expert will have your prospects asking you for an appointment instead of the other way around. Move away form cold calling today and start selling more, bottom line.