Cold Calling: 7 Principles for Finding Victory over Fear

Fear is a funny emotion. We all experience it but seldom talk about it. Most in the sales arena find fear to be a scary emotion. In fact fear of cold calling is the ultimate downfall of many a fine sales professional.

Did you know fear is only scary until you learn to master it? With master you will find that when you least expect it fear has morphed into the adrenaline needed to draw prospects to you like moths to bright light. That is the very instant when the emotion that you previously found paralyzing becomes exhilarating.

Let’s take a close look at both sides of fear, the paralyzing side and the side where freedom awaits you.

If you’re stuck in fear odds are your ability to think has ceased and you have stopped learning. Then, a nasty cycle of fear begins.

Instead of telling yourself the truth, that you’re scared, you begin to accept the fear based self-doubt as truth.

You start fear based self talk. You know the words, “I can’t” “I don’t care how much success you’ve had, this won’t work for me” “My situation is different.”

Then, the what-if game of doubt kicks in close on the heels of negative self-talk. And doubt begins to sound like reason.

Puh-leeze! Principles of success are the same across industries. Think about it and you will agree.

Plain and simple, the cause of fear is ignorance. That is right, fear of cold calling is based in the unknown. The first step to breaking its power over you is to be honest about your emotions. Do this and you will soon see fear as energy in motion. Motion that is extremely effective in keeping you moving.

Successful cold callers are well served by mentors. You can find mentors too, people who have successfully gone where you want to go. Who can
1. Coach you through fear by breaking it down to components you can identify.
2. Help you identify patterns of fear
3. Hold you accountable for surmounting these points of fear
4. Encourage you to the other side of self doubt creeps in
5. Call your bluff when you start to believe your own fears and say “I can not” “this will not work for me” “you do not know my circumstances”
6. Give you empowering words to replace your self talk
7. Identify the flaws in your doubt and let you know why your doubts are not at all reasonable.

As always, the choice is yours. Now, what choice will you make, give in to fear or live in the exhilaration of freedom?

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