Cognitive Restructuring

The great majority of men and women possess the necessary physical abilities to achieve success, however many do not possess the necessary emotional or cognitive skills. When someone’s self worth grows their emotional IQ or EQ and readiness to make life changes also increases.

Cognitive Restructuring has the ability to assist people suffering from the following issues: * Sadness * Phobias * Childhood abuse * Anxiety * Lack of goals * Loneliness * Broken relationships * Despair * Lack of hope * Procrastination * Fear * Illness * Worry * Self betrayal * Depression * Coping * Hate/vengeance * Stress * Self control *Anger * Self esteem * Insecurity * Divorce * Lack of empathy * Suicide * Co dependency * Drug addiction * Peer pressure * Failing grades *Alcohol addiction * Eating disorders

The very first and most vital step to take to overcome these problems and the biggest hurdle to self improvement is self deception. Individuals who live with self-deception constantly blame other people for their problems. Humans fail to realize the biggest problem they have to overcome in life is the battle with themselves. If you’re not happy or successful is it your fault? Below are six steps that are a necessary for self-improvement. There are no shortcuts and the steps must be done in order. The single most valuable tool to aid individuals in leaving the old destructive behaviors is Manualized Cognitive Restructuring . This has the ability to help men and women conquer thinking errors and behaviors.

One of the psychological dissimilarities between humans and other mammals is that humans have the ability to be self aware. That is to say, they can step back from themselves, see and accept they have faults and shortcomings. With self awareness humans can become better and change their lives. Changing habits, thoughts, values and behavior isn’t easy. For instance, if you want to transform a hard-core criminal into a good citizen the change must come from within the criminal. Criminals would have to accept responsibility for their behavior. As long as they won’t accept responsibility they will never change. To be successful with criminals, you must first make them self-aware. This process is called reality therapy. You cannot compel people to change, however, you can compel them to be self-aware. Observe the following steps to make a change. There are no shortcuts.

Step #1- AWARENESS Self-awareness is the initial step in becoming a better person. You have to admit your shortcomings. You cannot change without becoming self-aware.

Step #2- DESIRE If you don�t want to change, you will not ever do it. You have free will and, therefore, can’t be forced. You have freedom to choose. It is completely up to you; it’s your choice. No desire,no change.

Step #3- ATTITUDE If you’re aware that you have shortcomings and want to change you’ll subconciously elevate your attitude. Again, it’s your choice.

Step #4- SKILL Self-awareness, desire and a good attitude are not enough; you must also develop the skills and knowledge of how to change, wanting to is not enough.

Step #5- BEHAVIOR Perfect steps 1-4 and you’ll be ready physically to do what is required. Do it for 90 days and it’ll become a habit. Do it for a year and they’ll become part of you.

Step #6- SUBCONCIOUS Once you get a habit into your subconscious, it becomes automatic. You don�t even have to think about it anymore; you’ve made the change. Congratulations!

If you keep on doing what you have been doing, you will keep on getting what you have been getting. If you want to change the outcome, you are required to change what you’ve been doing. The first step in changing bad habits is to defeat denial, bad scripting and faulty thinking� This can only be accomplished by the above six-steps to change.