Coffee Designer Flavors

Designer Flavors Give Coffee New, Old Twist

The ancient Arabs are credited with being the first to actually flavor their coffee. Using spices such as cinnamon, they mixed up their coffee to taste. Others soon followed suit, adding everything from nuts and pepper to chocolate and beyond to their coffees. The flavors were added during the brewing process or once it was complete.

Nowadays, true coffee gourmets say that flavoring takes away from the full-bodied taste of a good brew. Despite this assertion, there are thousands and thousands who prefer the coffee taste skillfully melded with another taste and aroma sensation. Whether the flavors are infused into the beans themselves or added during brewing or they arrive in the form of specialty creams, lovers of flavored coffees have more than a little choice going in their favor.

Whether the coffee aficionados agree or not, flavored coffee is a big deal in the worldwide market place today. Some of the most popular additives for coffee include chocolate and vanilla and even Irish Cream. Oftentimes, the additives are actually chemical compounds that are added to the bean themselves right after the roasting process. This ensures the new flavor will stick with the bean during the grinding and brewing steps and still be strong and tasty when a cup is poured.

Since the Arabs first began flavoring their coffee centuries ago, the trend has continued and in fact is a pretty big industry today. Coffee sellers, especially gourmet shops, tout quite extensive lines of flavored beans to their customers. Ranging from vanilla flavored and chocolate-based to fruit flavored and beyond, these coffees are a big business worldwide.

The true coffee gourmet might prefer to take their cup straight up nothing added please, but it seems there’s more than a modest market for flavors such as Irish cream, vanilla macadamia nut, chocolate mint, raspberry and even that good old-fashioned cinnamon. Add to that the line of extensive flavored creams that can be put in following the brewing process and the popularity of flavored coffee becomes quite evident.

Coffee is a drink that’s best enjoyed how a lover prefers it. Whether straight up or flavored with a twist of hazelnut, the drink is a major commodity the world over and one that adults in almost every country in the world enjoy. The flavorful creations that can be had today only harkens back to a time when fresh spices and other specialties were added to brews to offset the bold flavors of the beans themselves.