Cofee or Tea

Move Over Tea, Coffee’s Arrived

It’s been around for hundreds and hundreds of years, yet coffee doesn’t have the same demure reputation as its sipping cousin tea. Despite this, party hostesses know coffee can have an appeal all its own and make a real statement out of the meals its served with or after.

Rather than throw a tea party, the adventurous opt for coffee parties instead. With a flavorful variety that’s amazing, there’s a coffee ideal to serve before, during and after just about any kind of treat. Brews can be chosen to compliment meals or a variety of them can be picked to meet individual guests’ tastes. Or, if something simpler is desired, hostesses can even opt for a single gourmet brew, freshly ground and perked, served with designer flavored fresh creams.

For a brunch party that includes everything from eggs and bacon to pancakes and beyond, try a rich cafĂ© con leche creation to go with the meal rather than standard grinds. This rich, creamy creation is sweet to the taste and a perfect compliment for everything from basic toast to sweeter morning treats. The base is Cuban coffee, but the end result is a perfect combination of milk, coffee and sugar that’s different than anything else.

Lunch parties are perfect for lattes or cappuccinos. Great compliments for just about any meal, these lighter drinks are plays on the Italian espresso creation and add a flair of class that regular brews can’t compete with. With sugar and cream added, these drinks have made quite a splash on the gourmet coffee scene.

Dinnertime parties are perfectly ended on high notes with a variety of coffee blends to suit each guest’s individual palette. For those who like to make bold, strong statements, try a thick and strong espresso shot. To go with a gourmet dessert, perhaps a lighter, creamier flavored coffee will do.

When serving coffee for entertaining, try to get a different mix of brews going. From espresso to lattes and even flavored creams to compliment the flavor of a single, fresh ground brew, coffee is one way to make a splash while entertaining. The brew doesn’t have to be boring and the flavor choices can simply put tea to shame.

Tea and scones are great for some occasions, but if something different is sought, seek out coffee. Fresh ground, warmly brewed, few things can compliment more occasions that a hot cup of coffee served accordingly.