Cocoa Tea – When a Tea Is Not a Tea

Throughout the world there are only four actual kinds of tea that come from actual tea leaves, and those are; white, green, oolong and red or black. There are numerous variations that individuals throughout the years have created so that there is some variety to the tea menu.

For example, individuals have been known to come up with their own kinds of herbal teas from bush or tree leaves which in reality are not related in any way to the one true tea tree, which is those of the camellia sinensis. One specific variation is known as the cocoa tea, which is further elaborated on here in this article.

Where did Cocoa Tea Actually Come from?

Being a regional delight, cocoa tea came from and was initially made popular in Soufriere St. Lucia, in the West Indies in the Caribbean. Cocoa tea promptly came into existence back in a time when an entire meal may have consisted of a drink accompanied by some extra filling parts.

So the result of this drink was to fit such a need. Citizens of Soufriere St. Lucia, at approximately the time of cocoa tea’s inception, essentially needed to create or find foods which were efficient, economical and which were created to feed all members of their family properly. Cocoa tea was therefore essentially made up as a breakfast delicacy that fit this bill.

What Precisely is Cocoa Tea?

Cocoa tea is in truth not actually a tea at all and in fact does not even incorporate any tea at all. It is cited as a tea nevertheless because a cinnamon stick and bay leaf are steeped in boiling water in a similar way which an individual would steep genuine tea leaves in order to create regular tea.

In addition to the traditionally utilized bay leaves and cinnamon , the conventional cocoa tea recipe likewise includes that of cream or milk, as well as sugar, water, nutmeg, cornstarch vanilla. Today, cocoa tea might be served on a side of bread. In a previous era, however, flour dumplings were boiled inside the drink in order to make it a complete meal.

Thus as you can see, cocoa tea is not actually a tea, not even truly in the loosest sense. Nor is cocoa tea even thought of as a meal in a beverage like the locals people at first claimed it started as. Cocoa tea, while still served as a breakfast meal, may quite easily be treated as a dessert treat or even perhaps a pleasurable snack.

It may likewise be unbelievably filling if served with bread or even in the conventional way with dumplings floating inside. However, for the most part it is just an gratifying, albeit rich and sugary, local delight that a person will run across particularly if voyaging through Soufriere St. Lucia in the Caribbean.