Cockatiel Tricks

Teaching a Cockatiel Tricks

Most people purchase parrots and other exotic birds in hope that they will be able to sing, dance and perform some tricks. Cockatiels are capable of doing the same tricks that larger parrots are known to do. It will take some patience and perseverance in order for your cockatiel to learn any type of trick.

Teaching a cockatiel tricks can be rather exciting and can impress any guests to your home. It is best to pick a behavior or noise that he already makes. Every time your cockatiel does that move, then use some sort of phrase or hand single that the cockatiel will learn to associate with that movement. This type of training can take a long while, but will be rewarding once he picks it up.

Being able to teach your bird to wave is one of the tricks most people love to see. The easiest way to do this is by placing your finger down as if he would step up on the finger. Just before he places that foot down on your finger remove it and say wave or use a hand signal. The key in training is the reward you give. Always reward your bird every time he performs something correctly. It is also best to have a somewhat hungry bird, so he becomes more food motivated. This could take a few hours for your bird to learn, but by doing these types of tricks your cockatiel will trust you more. Training an animal in this way will be repetitive for you, but this trains the cockatiel properly.

Cockatiels are able to speak and whistle rather well. Although their speaking is not as easy to understand. Simple words such as hello and bye can be mastered by a cockatiel. Cockatiels are able to mimic words easily, so use certain phrases you would like your bird to say. After a few weeks, your cockatiel may start to mumble phrases you never thought were possible. Try making kissing sounds with your mouth and within a few weeks your cockatiel will be giving you kisses too!

Since cockatiels are intelligent birds, teaching yours a few tricks should not be too difficult. Training your bird in such a way will make him closer to you. Your cockatiel may also be friendlier and be more accustomed to hands and people. Teaching tricks will bring you and your bird closer together.