Cockatiel Perches

Buying Perches for a Cockatiel

Most of a cockatiel’s life will be spent on their small delicate feet. In order to keep those small feet from becoming sore or cramped, it is necessary to have several different sized perches. There are many different types of perches available for cockatiels, so it will be easy to pick a few that are right for your bird!

The consensus among bird lovers is that there should be a variety of perches in a cage. The variety should be with the width and material of the perch. Since cockatiels and other birds have become so popular over the past few decades the number of manufacturers and companies making perches has grown. Any local pet store should carry enough of a selection to pick from, but Internet stores have the widest selection possible.

A perch should be no thinner than 3/4″ because anything smaller than that may be uncomfortable for a cockatiel’s foot. However, a perch should be no thicker than 1 1/4″ in diameter. Extending the foot too wide can cause cramping and sores on its feet.

Pick perches that vary in materials. Perches come in natural wood, concrete, bendable rope, plastic, and acrylic. The best for your cockatiel is natural wood because they may also trim their beaks and nails on it. Different types of wood are made into perches due to their strength against beaks. Since a cockatiel’s beak is not quite as large as some parrots, the concern of them chewing their way through the perch is not as high. However, their beaks are highly destructive, so never purchase soft woods as perches. It is recommended to place a couple plastic or bendable rope perches in a cockatiel’s cage as well. The change in material on their feet is helpful in avoiding foot sores. If the cage is large enough, it may be possible to place a landing, so it can rest its feet all together. Imagine having to stand on your feet all day and night without shoes or socks!

It is also possible for you to create your own perches. You may be able to pick branches from outside of your home to use as a perch. Make sure you know what type of tree it is because cockatiels are allergic to many kinds of plants. You will also need to clean it in a bleach solution to remove any type of bugs.

Giving your cockatiel a wide variety of perches will help to keep its feet healthy. Once perches become worn replace them with new ones.