Cockatiel Mates

Buying a Mate for Cockatiel

Cockatiels make some of the best pets because of how they will bond to their owners and are easier to take care of than other parrots. In some ways your pet cockatiel will become part of your family. At some point, you may decide that you would want your cockatiel to have a mate. Giving your cockatiel a mate can change the behavior of your bird towards you and others in your household. It is also best to pick a bird that will be compatible with you and your existing cockatiel.

Making the decision on whether or not to buy your cockatiel a mate can be difficult. After all your bird may become lonely during the day when no one is home. Whenever you decide to purchase a mate for your cockatiel take these factors into consideration.

If you plan on getting a cockatiel of the opposite sex, then understand the consequences that may result. Having two birds breeding can be an exciting event or it may be rather worrisome. A typical clutch is around 2-8 eggs, so be prepared for lots of cockatiel babies if you allow this. Never pick a bird of the opposite sex if you are not ready to expand your cockatiel family even further.

The upside of having two birds of opposite sex is the bonding and time they will learn to spend with each other. Watching two birds snuggle together at night or preening each other’s head feathers are beautiful images to see. The mate you pick out may give your cockatiel a happy life it never thought it would see.

On the other hand, if you pick a mate that is not compatible then it can be a war between the two birds. Some birds just do not get along with others and it may cause your cockatiel some stress. The new cockatiel may try to pluck feathers or even attack the other viciously, so check to see how your cockatiel behaves around the mate you picked out. If you notice your existing bird avoids or becomes scared around the new one, it could be a sign of some tension between the two.

Buying birds of the same sex should not cause you problems at all if you choose that route. It will depend on each individual bird, but they should become friends. They will most likely have a few fights whenever they first are introduced to each other, but nothing that will cause many issues.