Cockatiel Health

Health Concerns in Cockatiels

Birds need a diet that is balanced and full of nutrients and vitamins needed to live healthy. If a cockatiel does not get the proper nutrients it may lead to illness and disease in your loving pet. Diet is not the only way birds can become ill. Sometimes falls or scratches from other household pets can lead to infection. In order to prevent problems in your cockatiel, here are some of the health concerns that can be found in cockatiels.

Cockatiels tend not to show signs of illness until it is a problem they can no longer hide. Sick cockatiels are targeted by their predators in the wild, so this is the reason why they act healthy for a very long time. Symptoms may show literally within a few hours and catches most owners completely off guard. Here are some signs of illness you should be watching out for. If your bird has any of the following call your vet immediately, audible or labored breathing, puffed feathers and sneezing, discharge coming from eyes and nose, change in overall behavior, change in stool, lack of energy and change in eating habits. Some of these symptoms are signs of a serious problem and should never be ignored. It is best to just take your bird to the vet to make sure everything is all right.

Purchasing a new cockatiel can be a great way to give your other bird a new friend. Whenever you buy any bird, it is important to have your vet check the bird for any diseases or illnesses. Doing this is important to the health and safety of your other bird. Before introducing your bird to the newcomer, always quarantine the new bird away from your existing bird. Since the new bird came from either a pet store or breeding facility, it is possible that he may have picked up a sickness or disease from another bird. Keep the birds away from each other for a few weeks and always clean your hands whenever you handle the new bird. It is possible to spread a disease from your hands.

Your bird may also experience trauma induced illness. If your bird has an accident it is not uncommon for your bird to become sick several days later. Whenever your bird falls and either breaks skin or loses feathers, take your bird to the vet. Your vet may be able to treat your bird with antibiotics so its wound can heal properly without infecting the rest of its body.

Having a safe environment, clean cage, and healthy diet will help your cockatiel to live a full life. Even though it is in a safe controlled environment, it is always possible for unsuspecting accidents and illnesses to show. Check on your bird’s behavior every day in order to catch an illness as soon as symptoms start.